Bihar Assembly Election 2020, clashes between LJP and JDU over two dozen constituency seats, Chirag paswan calls party meeting – Bihar Election Announcement


Special things

  • Seats have not been distributed among the constituents of Bihar NDA
  • Chirag Paswan is taking an aggressive stand against CM Nitish Kumar
  • JDU and LJP have two dozen seats in Bihar Legislative Assembly

new Delhi:

Lok Janshakti Party President Chirag Paswan is seen in a different style before the Bihar elections. Sometimes he is soft on Nitish Kumar and sometimes he is taking a hot attitude. In fact, there are about two dozen assembly seats in the state, on which there is a conflict between the two parties. If you look at the figures, JDU won these seats in the 2015 assembly elections, while Chirag Paswan's party was at number two.

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The equations were different in the last assembly elections. Nitish Kumar contested along with Lalu Yadav and Congress, while LJP, Hum and RLSP fought together with BJP. LJP had fielded candidates for a total of 42 seats. Two of these were won. He had to taste defeat in the remaining 40 seats. In 50% of the lost seats, it competed with JDU. Among them, LJP was the number two party, while LJP had defeated JDU candidate in only one seat (Lalganj).

Which seats are available?

JDU defeated LJP candidates in most of the seats in Koshi-Seemanchal i.e.- Belsand, Babu Barhi, Triveniganj, Thakurganj, Alamnagar, Sonbarsa, Simri Bakhtiarpur, Kuseshwar Sthan, Gaura Bauraon assembly constituency. Similarly, in the assembly seats of Kalyanpur, Warisnagar, Cheria Bariarpur, Beldaur, Nathnagar, Jamalpur, Asthawan, Harnaut and Rafiganj, the LJP had to fight with the JDU. Apart from this, Chandrika Rai of RJD defeated LJP candidate in Parsa assembly seat of Chhapra. Chandrika Rai has now joined JDU. Hence, JDU is now claiming its claim on this seat as well.

Chirag wants – BJP gets equal status

Chirag Paswan is also claiming these seats, while JDU is naturally a claimant as a seating seat. Because of this, political noora-wrestling continues in both the parties for about three-four months. The LJP is also uncomfortable with the BJP-JDU agreeing on seat sharing. LJP wants BJP-JDU to fight on equal number of seats in the state, while BJP has already declared Nitish Kumar as elder brother and has given one seat more.

Chirag calls important meeting

Chirag hinted at softness after BJP president JP Nadda's visit to Bihar, but has again taken a beating. His party has spoken of contesting 143 out of 243 assembly seats in the state. A meeting of the Central Parliamentary Party has been convened in New Delhi today to discuss this. It is expected that in this meeting LJP will take its stand and take a final decision on contesting 143 seats. If Chirag decides to contest elections on 143 seats, then it may cause a crisis on the NDA. At the same time, a cloud of suspicion may also emerge on the victory of JDU.

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