Bihar: 6 Died 3 Injured in Road Accident at Katihars Kursela


Accident in Katihar: Strong clash in SUV and truck


Accident in Katihar:Bihar Of Katihar Horrific in Road accident I lost 6 lives. In the road accident near NH 31 of Kursela police station area of ​​Katihar, where 6 people have lost their lives, three are said to be injured. According to the information, this incident took place on the kursela bridge. All the deceased are said to be residents of Rosra in Samastipur district, who had come to see a boy for marriage in Phulwaria. All the family members were riding in a Scorpio. This Scorpio crashed into a truck. Due to the tremendous collision, 6 people got trapped in Kaal’s cheek, while 3 people were seriously injured.

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The treatment of the injured continues in the hospital, while the administration has reached the spot and is engaged in further action. At the same time, a person injured in this incident told that we had come to Phulwaria to see a boy for his daughter. After seeing the boy, all the people were going back to the village. A truck was standing on the way, but due to the fog, the driver could not understand it and the car went into high speed and hit the truck.

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Police officer Shivnath Hazra who reached the spot told that the treatment of the injured is going on in the hospital. The victims of the accident are residents of Rosara and were preparing to go there. According to the police, this incident happened at 4 am.

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