Bigg Boss 14 Yashraj Mukhate Make Rakhi Sawant Saandhni Thi Video Viral On Internet


Yashraj Mukhate made a video on Rakhi Sawant

Special things

  • Yash Raj Mukhate made a video on Rakhi Sawant
  • ‘This Sandni Thi’ video rocked the internet
  • Video is becoming fiercely viral on social media

new Delhi:

In Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant is raging with her style and frankness. She is constantly entertaining fans. Rakhi Sawant sometimes laughs at people with her fun-filled mischiefs and sometimes with her words. Something similar happened in the last episode of Bigg Boss when someone threw a bottle of Rakhi in the swimming pool. After this, Rakhi vented her anger on Arshi Khan and asked Bigg Boss to check the video clip. At the same time, Yashraj Mukhate (Yashraj Mukhate), the producer of ‘Raso Mein Kaun Tha’, gave his music on this video of Rakhi.

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Whose video was also shown in the previous episode of Bigg Boss Video. Now this video of Yashraj Mukhate Video has been shared by Colors TV’s Instagram account. In this video, Yash Raj Rakhi’s ‘Saandhni Thi Video’ dialogue is seen giving music. In the video, angry with her bottle being thrown into the water, Rakhi Sawant is appealing to Bigg Boss saying, “Who threw this bottle of mine in the swimming pool, Bigg Boss, please rewind all the tapes and check, was it Sandni?” ? “

In the video, Rakhi Sawant targets Arshi Khan, saying, “Who is this, who threw my bottle, you were it? Who did you throw? Who sent my bottle to the swimming pool? Every frame cuts my frame. ” This video of Rakhi Sawant and Yash Raj Mukhate is getting tremendous response from the fans.


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