Big Protest by Teachers and Staff in Bengaluru Against State Governments Order about tuition fees – Thousands of teachers showing on the streets of Bengaluru, pictures taken by drones, learn the whole case


A large number of private school workers were seen on the streets of Bengaluru.


Teacher Strike At Bengaluru: Today private school on the streets of Bengaluru Teachers Been seen Private school teachers and non-teaching staff today appeared on the streets with their demands. Explain that the government has decided to reduce the tension of schools. In protest, along with teachers, drivers working in private schools, security guards and other employees associated with school management appeared on the streets. The drone footage of the protest of teachers has come out. Where thousands of people are seen walking on the streets of Bengaluru. Due to this demonstration, the traffic of the city was affected for more than half an hour.

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In this protest organized by the Karnataka Private School Management, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Co-ordination Committee, the teachers marched from Bangalore’s Main Railway Station to Freedom Park. 10 private schools and other institutions of Bengaluru took part in it.


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Most schools in Karnataka announced a holiday today in protest against the government’s decision. In fact, the government has ordered schools to charge only 70 per cent tuition fees for this session. There is an appeal from the protesting teachers that this decision to give fee concession be withdrawn and the grant money should be released for the personnel working in private schools.


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