Bhopal Gas Scandal: Widows Are Not Getting Pension For 18 Months, They Are Living By Asking For Food

Victim widows of Bhopal gas tragedy are pleading for pension (File)


The Bhopal gas tragedy snatched the families of hundreds of people. But after years, the Madhya Pradesh government has snatched their pension from the women who became widows in the gas tragedy. Many old widows have to ask for food to eradicate hunger. Governments are just giving assurances, but the pension is closed since December 2019. It has been 18 months, in the meantime Kamal Nath of the Congress government has gone and Shivraj Singh Chauhan of Kamal’s government has become the chief minister. These old widows pleaded at every door of the government, but no hearing was held.

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Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vishwas Sarang said that the gas victims used to get pension during the time of BJP. Kamal Nath stopped, we are showing it and will try to start soon. Congress only supported the rich and did this insensitive work. Sarang said that the BJP government had started a pension of 1000 rupees to the sisters, the Congress government banned it and did not even tell the central government. The Chief Minister announced that it lasted longer, so I have requested the Minister to let it continue for life.

Victim widows said that in 18 months, the minister promised to start the pension of gas victim widows on camera 3 times, lashing out at Congress but the pension has not started yet. Safia, Shakeela Bi, Savitri Bai, Munni, Kesarbai names The list is long, who are living on empty promises. Shakeela B said that it has been two years. There is no help, if they go, they drive away, the government is lying. Fountains were made, but nothing for the poor. Nandabai has four sons, all live separately, the daughter has died, she is less visible in the eyes.

Nandabai says that if the pension is available then it will be supported. The boy had an accident. He has two children whether he takes care of his family or us. In fact, in 2010, on the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee at the Center, the Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation Department had decided to give pension to the gas victims. More than 5000 women were widowed in the Bhopal gas tragedy. Now many victims are 75-80 years old. 350 widowed women have died. He used to get a pension of 1000 rupees every month. This pension is being given to them since the year 2011.

Earlier, Rs 750 pension was available, the central government had given Rs 30 crore to the district collector for this. 75 percent of the pension amount was given by the center and 25 percent by the state government. From April 2016 to November 2017 also, pension was stopped without giving any reason.

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