Bhavani Devi Fencing | Indian Fencing Bhavani Devi Talwarbaz Exclusive Interview With Dainik NewsBust India | Bhavani will become an Indian swordsman to play Olympics for the first time, said- I am practicing in Italy, from here I will go straight to Japan

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Bhavani Devi is the first swordsman (male and female) of the country to qualify for the Olympics. Along with this, he is also the first swordsman to win gold in the Commonwealth Fencing Championship for the country. This star Indian swordsman, who has achieved so many achievements, has full hope of winning a medal for the fans and the country in the Tokyo Olympics as well.

Currently, Bhavani Devi is practicing in Italy. She says that she will go straight to Japan from Italy for the Olympics. Bhavani Devi spoke to Dainik NewsBust India about the preparations for the Olympics and her career so far.

Bhavani Devi is training in Italy for the Tokyo Olympics.

Bhavani Devi is training in Italy for the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Will you participate in any competition before the Olympics? What is the plan for Olympic preparation?

All competitions have been postponed due to Corona. In such a situation, I will not be able to participate in any competition before the Olympics. However, I have been training with the swordsmen of the Italian national team before and since I got the quota, staying with coach Nicola Janotti in Italy. Nicola has been the coach of Italy’s national team in the Olympics. I will prepare by staying in Italy. After that I will go to Japan directly from here.

  • You didn’t qualify for the Rio Olympics last time. What was the reason? How long have you been preparing for Tokyo this time?

Since the Rio Olympics, I have been training outside the country because this sport is new in India. No one has qualified for the Olympics yet. In such a situation, no one knows anything about how to prepare. Last time I could not train abroad for long due to lack of finance support. This time, along with the sponsor, there was full support from Tamil Nadu and SAI (Sports Authority of India). Because of which I could qualify for the Olympics.

  • You were not selected for the 2018 Asian Games. Couldn’t even qualify for Rio? What difference did your mental state make during that time?

I didn’t qualify for the Rio Olympics, so I was worried. I had gone into depression. At the same time, I was not selected in the Asian Games in 2018. However, a few days later, she was selected for the Commonwealth Championship. At that time my parents supported me completely. My mother told me that today is not your time, tomorrow will be yours. Keep working hard and keep training. He helped financially to train outside. Because of which I became the first woman player in the country to win a gold medal in the Commonwealth Championship held in Australia, just after the Asian Games.

  • How did you train in lockdown?

Stayed at home for about 8 months during the lockdown. To overcome the lack of partner, I prepared a dummy partner at home and practiced with him. Also connected online with coach Janoti. Trained on his instructions only. After getting permission to train in Tamil Nadu in September, I went to the stadium and started training. During this, training was done alone without a partner. When I started traveling abroad in October last year, I moved to Italy and am now training here.

  • How did you get into fencing?

When I went to the new school in 2004, the seniors there told that only 6 children from a class can get their names written in each game. When I went to give my name, there were 6-6 kids in all the games. Seniors said there are no children in the fencing. Write your name in it. This is new game. When I started training, I liked this game very much, after that I put my full focus on this game.

  • Fencing is not popular in India, so what challenges did you face?

My father is a priest in the temple. They go to temples and people’s homes and get pujas done. Mother is house wife. We are 5 siblings. I am the youngest I have two elder sisters and two elder brothers. Fencing is not very popular in India. Initially sponsors were not available. Not only this, its equipment was very expensive. It was difficult for me to buy them in the beginning, so I started practicing with bamboo sticks and later I gradually bought my equipment. There were no sponsors to go to outside training, so Papa had to borrow money to prepare for the Rio Olympics. The mother also had to mortgage her jewelry.

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