Bhaiyyu Maharaj Suicide Case; Bhaiyyu Maharaj Daughter Kuhu Speaks On Dainik NewsBust India Over Property Dispute | Said- the aunt of the house kept another house, I have nothing of my father, the mother is left with the expenses going on

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  • Bhaiyyu Maharaj Suicide Case; Bhaiyyu Maharaj Daughter Kuhu Speaks On Dainik NewsBust India Over Property Dispute

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Indore2 minutes agoAuthor: Rajiv Kumar Tiwari

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Bhayu Maharaj’s daughter has come from Pune to Indore to make a statement in the court.

  • Kuhu said- Why would the Ayushi cooperate and stay in the hotel despite being home?

His daughter Kuhu has been questioned in court in the Bhayu Maharaj suicide case. Kuhu has come to Indore in this connection. Continuously away from the media, Kuhu spoke openly to Dainik NewsBust India on all issues related to his father Bhagyu Maharaj for the first time on Saturday. Kuhu answered all those questions, which have been continuously arising in the media.

Then there is the property dispute, Vinayak and Sharad be suspected, the relationship between Aayushi and other family members is sour or there is a question related to the death of the father. In the conversation, Kuhu clearly said that his father who has left for him, in which he has the right, he is ready to fight every battle to get it.

Then even if they have to knock the court door. He said – Ayushi lives in one house, key of the other is near aunt. I have nothing of my father. Despite being home, one has to stay at the hotel.

Kuhu, who comes from court work, is staying at the hotel with her lawyer.

Kuhu, who comes from court work, is staying at the hotel with her lawyer.

Excerpts from conversation with Kuhu…

Property dispute is coming to the fore in family, is it true?
I have nothing to hide. There is not much information about Papa’s property. When mother and father died, it was small. After Dad left, I came forward and asked for cooperation from everyone and said that we all sit down and talk about the property. But no one is coming forward. People are postponing, some are saying, they see after a while, some are saying, we don’t know anything.

What do you want for a property?

That the property matter should be settled outside the court, but if it does not happen, then I will go to the court. I will not back down from fighting for my rights. I have not asked for anything more from him, which is my father’s, I am only asking for what I deserve. For how long did we also speak again and again by keeping our self-respect in the side. Why should we show that we are begging him while he is mine. We are ready to give them their rights too. Sit and talk and take away your rights.

Do you know all of Dad’s possessions?
Father has so much property, people say there is a lot of wealth, but I do not know how much property. I am waiting for someone to tell me where the property is. Whatever is revealed here and there is just the address. We also found out, but could not find anything.

Kuhu says that I no longer have any support, where there is just granny and maternal uncle.

Kuhu says that I no longer have any support, where there is just granny and maternal uncle.

How much support is being received from Aayushi (Bhagyu Maharaj’s second wife)?
Kuhu said about Aayushi that there is no support from his side. Till now I have not been given any type of paper. This is why I have to stay at the hotel even after I am home. I have no idea about the personal life of Aayushi. Don’t know why she is not coming in court. I am coming to Indore from Pune after spending so much. Even during the period of Kovid, I am constantly coming.

Support from trust or not?
There is support from all the trustees. Trustees of Maharashtra are constantly saying that Didi you come to the ashram. The process for inclusion in the trust has also started there. At the same time, regarding the trust of Indore said that support is also being received from here. However, there is not much talk yet.

Did you interact with Sevadar Vinayak and Sharad?
Father and I used to have discussions about my future. I used to tell my father how to do, what to do. Like which university do I want to go to. Vinayak Bhaiya used to execute our discussion. Whether to pay, submit a document, Vinayak used to do all this work.

Is there any restriction in going to the ashram, is there any kind of danger?
I can go to the ashram. There is no problem in going there. Yes, but I definitely feel financial in-security. Because I am a student, the mother who has left for me, is just spending her expenses. My maternal uncle and grandmother help, but how long will that last.

Other people are older than me, they either have degrees or are married. They have done something for themselves. I do not even have a degree. Who will give me a job Yes I am afraid that there will be no scam. Because now I am alone, no one talks and no one tells anything. There is only someone to support me, then there are people on my mother’s side.

Do you have any kind of doubt on Vinayak and Sharad?
I never felt like this. The reason is because I haven’t lived here much. What used to happen here. I would not have known this. Everything I saw was good behavior for me.

Did Bhagyu Maharaj and Ayushi dispute?
Yes, there used to be disputes between them. I do not know anything about the intervention of Aayushi’s family in the ashram as I have not yet become a trustee myself in the ashram. His mother used to come occasionally before Aayushi’s family. After the death of his father, his mother, his younger brother, Vijayan is living in the house Shivneri.

When was the last time you talked to your father?
At the time when my father died, I was on the way. Was coming to Indore from Pune. He was very happy when he had talked to his father a day. Told- come son

Don’t both aunt and ayushi want to keep you in their house?

For the first time, when she came to the court to give a statement, she called the aunt and asked for the key of the bungalow with silver spring. He was told that the job of the court is to give the key for only four days. He refused. It was said Ayush and you settle first, then talk about the key.

Talked to Ayush, then asked to talk to aunt. Both kept avoiding each other. In the bungalow Shivneri in Vijay Nagar, Aayushi lives with her mother and younger brother while the key to the silver spring bungalow is near Bua. It is helpless to stay in the hotel. It costs a lot, but what to do.

How are you managing expenses in the study and court process?
In addition to my mother who has left me a little, my grandmother, maternal uncle and aunt are helping. Papa’s side is not getting any help.

After Bhauryu Maharaj’s departure, how is the family related now?
Grandma is quite old, now she does not understand much. Aunt does not talk. Ayush is not supporting me anyway.

Initially, you could not come to record the statement, the reason for this?

They could not get us due to the summons of the court going to the wrong address. Ever since the summons arrived at the correct address and met us, we have been consistently appearing on the court’s call.

Do you also think Bhagyu Maharaj did suicide?
Papa could not commit suicide. All I want is to be caught guilty and my father and I get justice.


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