Bhagalpur (Bihar) Assembly Election 2020 Voters News | Locals Voters Political Discussion at Baba Medical College Road Tea Shop | Everyone flew their airplanes and drove, Shahnawaz had shown great speed, what happened …

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  • Bhagalpur (Bihar) Assembly Election 2020 Voters News | Locals Voters Political Discussion at Baba Medical College Road Tea Shop

Bhagalpur8 minutes agoAuthor: Krishna Ballabh Narayan

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This is Bhagalpur. It is the evening and also the call of tea. So the eye stopped at this tea shop on Ghadnpir Baba Medical College Road. Some of the people already sitting are busy turning the pages of politics with a sip of tea.

The discussion was more or less about the seven Vidhan Sabha in Bhagalpur district, but Bhagalpur and Nathnagar adjacent to it was at the center. I just threw the question as to when is the election here? A Mahashiya sitting nearby said- ‘7 Vidhan Sabha Chhali in Bhagalpur, Voting in the first phase in Kahalgaon and Sultanganj in Jekra, Our rest in Bhagalpur, Nathanagar, Pirpainti, Gopalpur and Bihaspur in Dosar phase.’

(Of the 7 seats in Bhagalpur, Kahalgaon and Sultanganj have voting in the first phase but the rest in the second phase). I asked frantically that – what is the position of BJP this time, the answer came in talukh sur – ‘BJP’s own fathers of Bhagalpur, but this time BJP also understood’ Abi Jayate ‘(BJP considers Bhagalpur as his inheritance, but This time he will understand it).

Someone from his side quipped at this point – ‘Ashwini Choubey has been an MLA here, so did not the wind of development come here?’ As soon as hearing this, debate on development broke out. People started telling stories about the deception behind development issues.

The gentleman started talking and said – ‘The smart city Bhagalpur, declared from Patna, was transformed into a pile of filth today and the situation is the one who is 15 years old. Ashwini Choubey stayed here for many years, but the biggest problem of the cities is the freedom from the jam.

Bhagalpur MP Rahi Shahnawaz Hussain Tanimani tried, but the situation was disturbing him due to the traffic of his people. After the jam problem, the two biggest problems here are immersed in the water of Bholanath Pool in the southern part of the city. Over the years there has been a lot of curiosity in demand of over bridge. Aro airport has also been demanding for many years.

Meanwhile, a thin thin person added – ‘Deepu Bhumaniya Aro LJP candidate Aro Abhi Raje Verma is more than Votkatwa in Bhagalpur Assembly.’

Turning around, I asked the Bhagalpur Assembly about the adjoining Nathnagar, so far another person sitting silent said – ‘Don’t ask for that assembly.’

He said in a loud voice – ‘Law and order has failed in this area. The graph of crime has increased so much that don’t ask. This is a flood affected area and another that a large part of it touches the Diara area, the benefit of which helps in hiding the criminals. The current legislator here is Laxmikant Mandal of JDU. Before these there was also Ajay Mandal, who is currently the MP of Bhagalpur but

Despite a government of double engines, they failed to shed the winds of development. The reason for this has been the dominance of the caste equation on development issues.

Covering the matter, I teased the discussion of the Gopalpur assembly constituency and a voice came from far away – ‘Oh no matter where I talk, the discussion and concern of Bhagalpur have been both airborne. Never did anyone solve the problem of jam here and not drainage. Silk City has become a thing of the past. Dirt is like the jewel of this city.

These things were going on that a middle-aged gentleman should say – ‘Hey, for 10-15 years, we are seeing the development here. I even saw airplanes flying! Everyone should take their own and go. Shahnawaz had shown a lot of speed, what happened … what made the airport …! ‘

A second sound came – even made and the plane landed, but much of it is used in grazing cattle and grazing cattle. Yes, it is sometimes used for official visits. The people of Bhagalpur are happy to see him. The conversation stopped a bit on this note, so I too have caught my way, wondering if the development of Bhagalpur will ever find its way!

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