Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy Dance Video Goes Viral Grandmother Gives Awesome Reaction – Beyonce’s daughter dances in a bang style, people say – She has gone completely on her mother …


Beyonce’s daughter dances in a bang style, being seen repeatedly

Dance video from Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of Beyonce, has created a buzz online. In a video shared by her grandmother Tina Knowles, the 9-year-old Blue Ivy rocked on social media by dancing. Knowles took to Instagram to share the video.

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She danced on Siara’s ‘Gimme Date’ song. Interestingly, Knowles sounded like another member of her dance moves family. Blue Ivy did not like Queen Bee and Jay-Z, but like her aunt Solange Knowles.

Knowles wrote, ‘It’s blue, but it seemed like Solange Knowles was dancing at this age.’


Since being posted, the video has already been viewed more than 9.1 lakh times. It has also accumulated many comments including many celebrities. American actress and singer Holly Robinson Peit commented on the clip and wrote, ‘It’s so cute.’ Writer and activist Rachel Elizabeth Kargal commented, ‘She looked around while dancing, she felt that no one could dance like her, then she started dancing again.’

One user wrote, ‘She is dancing exactly like her mother Baynes’. Another user wrote, ‘When you go to rehearsal everyday with your mother. So you can learn better than that. Great son.


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