Ranking 6 Best Harley Davidson Bikes of All Time

For many bike lovers throughout the world, Harley Davidson is a dream bike. As American, as it gets, riding a Harley has a different sense of thrill, and no other bike can beat it. From off-roads to speed monsters, this automotive brand has made all kinds of bikes already. But, which Harley Davidson bike is the best?

In 1917, Harley Davidson started their journey by making bicycles first! Yes, that’s true, but unluckily, the idea didn’t work out, and they had to cease production. Since then, Harley Davidson has come pretty far, and now they’re pretty much ‘The Invincibles’ of the automotive world. So let’s have a peek at the best Harley Davidson bikes of all time:

#5: VRSCDX Night Rod Special

VRSCDX made its debut in 2007 and ruled the hearts of the biker until 2017 globally. The VRSC, in its name, stands for V-Twin Racing Street Custom, and it was indeed one of the most extraordinary products of Harley Davidson.

Moreover, when it came to its appearance, everything was coloured black in this bike to make it look more mean. Its robust 1247cc liquid-cooled DOHC Revolution engine produced power of around 120-125 Horsepower and maximum torque of 85 ft-lb.

#4: 1990 FLSTF Fat Boy

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; the same rule applies to this Harley Davidson bike as many people try to judge it by its name. After making its debut in 1990, this bike with a solid 16-inch wheels became a fan favourite. Moreover, to make it look more classy and appealing, Harley decided to paint it elegant silver with yellow highlights.

With its 1337cc air-cooled four-stroke V Twin engine, this bike was capable enough to unleash around 45-48 Horsepower. Lastly, Harley decided to halt its production in 2017 and replaced it with FLFB in 2018.

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#3: 2002 VRSCA V-Rod

Everyone loves speed bikes, right? So when it comes to the fastest Harley Davidson bike ever, V-Rod is the first name that pops up in our mind. But, interestingly, this bike also opened the gates for Drag Racing and took the whole world by storm.

Also, with its high-class performance and striking looks, VRSCA V-Rod became a huge search among Harley Davidson accessories. And, with its 1130cc engine and Horsepower of 115, this bike was able to reach 140mph, which was quite remarkable in that decade.

#2: 2012 FLHR Road King

Sometimes, it’s alright to judge a bike by its name because FLHR is truly a Road King. After making an iconic debut in 1994, this bike quickly became the benchmark for others.

The surprises from FLHR Road King don’t stop here as this long-distance tourer biker comes with modern features. Also, the FLHR Road King bike has got it all with a 1690cc Twin Cam engine, ABS and Electronic Cruise Control.

#1: 2008 FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide

The best Harley Davidson bike of all time, FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide made its debut in 1993. However, in 2017, Harley Davidson decided to give its space to redesigned Softail line. But undoubtedly, FXDWG still holds legendary status in the motorcycle world.

With its lowered seat and Tommy Gun 2-1-2 exhausts, FXDWG would easily glide on the roads and produce a maximum torque of 86 lb-ft with its 1449 cc engine.


Over the years, Harley Davidson has constantly built some of the best bikes in the world. Thus, choosing only one of them as the best of all time is a pretty challenging task. However, we hope that you liked our list of the best Harley Davidson Bikes.

If we missed your favourite Harley Davidson Bike, then let us know about it and why we should include it in this list. Lastly, don’t forget to explore one of India’s best bike accessories and car accessories online store!

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