Before the commencement of COVID vaccination, these important instructions given by the Center to all states


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new Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) will launch the nationwide COVID-19 Vaccine campaign on January 16 and in view of this, adequate doses of vaccines have been dispatched to all states and union territories. This will be the largest vaccination campaign in the world. Through this program, 3006 locations of all states and union territories will be connected through digital and 100 beneficiaries will be vaccinated at each center. 1.65 crore doses of Kovishield and Kovaxine vaccines purchased by the government have been allocated to the states and union territories according to the statistics of their health workers. The Union Health Ministry has informed all the states and union territories about the vaccine.

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Guidelines regarding vaccine to all states and union territories –

– The vaccine will be applied only to people 18 or above.

– If a person is to be vaccinated against any other disease, then there should be a 14-day difference between the vaccine for the vaccine and other diseases.

– The vaccine will be used for the first dose, the second dose will also be applied. Interchange is not allowed.

– The vaccine should not be given to women who are pregnant or who are not strong about getting pregnant or who are feeding their baby.

– If a person has symptoms of corona, then that person should be vaccinated after 4-8 weeks of recovery.

– Corona patients who have been given monoclonal antibodies or plasma should be vaccinated 4-8 weeks after the vaccination.


– Sick and hospitalized people, irrespective of any disease, should be vaccinated after 4-8 weeks of their recovery.

– Individuals who have been previously infected corona, who have a history of serious illness. Whether it is cardiac, neurological, pulmonary or metabolic, HIV patient, etc .; They can be given a vaccine.


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