Bear Plays Football With Cub In Park Odisha Nabrangpur See Adorable Viral Video

A video of a wild bear and its baby playing football is grabbing attention on social media. The bear was seen playing football with his child in Odisha’s Nabarangpur district. This video is now becoming increasingly viral on many social media platforms. We bet that after watching this video, you too will not be able to live without saying so cute.

The video was recorded when some boys of Sukhigaon village were playing football on a field. Suddenly, two wild bears from a nearby forest entered the park. The frightened boys ran away leaving the football on the ground. Shortly after, the boys were surprised to see that the two bears instead of chasing them started playing football on the ground. They kept kicking and tossing it with their feet and mouth. After playing for some time, the bears took the football with them to the forest.

The boys gathered at a distance and recorded the rare incident. It almost seemed that the two bears had been closely watching the boys playing football for a long time and when they found it funny, they thought of entering the field to get the football.

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