BCCI hits a masterstroke, removes 3 problems in just one decision in road to IPL Phase-2 | T-20 World Cup | T20 World Cup qualifiers in Oman and main event in UAE solved 3 problems for the board; Foreign players can also come

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  • BCCI Hits A Masterstroke, Removes 3 Problems In Just One Decision In Road To IPL Phase 2 | T 20 World Cup

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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to organize the T20 World Cup in the UAE. With this decision, the board has played a master stroke. Actually, the qualifier matches of the World Cup will be held in Oman. While the main event will be held in UAE. In such a situation, the board will no longer face any problem in handing over the pitch to the ICC 10-12 days ago.

Also, now IPL Phase-2 will be successfully organized in UAE. The board has also solved many of its other problems. However, BCCI and ICC have not yet made an official announcement regarding the World Cup.

1. BCCI will be able to hand over the pitch to the ICC on time
The ICC was earlier very worried about the fact that due to the dates of IPL and World Cup, there would be a problem with the pitch. To compensate for the damage caused to the pitch by IPL matches, the ICC needed the pitch 10-12 days ago. In such a situation, now with the new plan, the board has not given any opportunity to the ICC to complain.

According to the plan, 12 qualifier matches of the T20 World Cup will be held in Oman from October 17. At the same time, the main leg will start in the UAE from the fourth week of October. In such a situation, the pitch will be handed over to the ICC in sufficient time.

2. IPL Phase-2 can be successfully organized
This has also opened the way for the successful conduct of IPL Phase-2 of BCCI. The board will now be able to get the remaining 31 matches of the league done without any problem. Phase-2 can be played from September-19 to October 10. Whereas the main leg of the T20 World Cup will start around October 25-26. ICC will get about 15 days to prepare.

3. Foreign players can get permission
The third master stroke of BCCI is that foreign players refused to play the second phase of the league. Due to the World Cup and IPL schedule being around, the players did not want to play the league due to the high workload. But now due to both the events being in the same country and at the right time, foreign players will also be able to join the league. Also, boards like England and Australia can now give permission to their players.

Some matches of the preliminary round may be held in Oman
According to the plan, the first round of the T20 World Cup will be played between 8 teams in two groups. There will be 12 matches in this. Out of these 4 teams (Top-2 teams of both the groups) will qualify for Super-12. These 8 teams are Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland, Namibia, Oman and Papua New Guinea. The matches of both these groups can be held in UAE and Oman.

Super-12 will have 30 matches
The Super-12 round is likely to start from October 24. In this round there will be 12 teams in 2 groups, which will play a total of 30 matches. All these matches can be played in three venues Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Out of the 12 teams, 4 will be the first round qualifiers and the rest will be the top-8 teams in the ICC World Rankings. This will be followed by three playoff matches, with two semi-finals and one final.

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