Basil tulsi is very useful for health take advantage in different ways


Basil tea

The easiest way is to include basil tea in your diet. If you are a tea lover, keep in mind that while preparing your regular tea, add basil leaves to it. This tea tastes great and is also beneficial in the treatment of respiratory problems. A cup of basil tea helps you stay energized throughout the day.

Basil water

If you do not like to drink tea, then drinking a glass of basil water can be a good option. Put some water and a handful of basil leaves in a pan. Allow the water to boil. Drink this water once or twice a day. Basil water is healthy and a great way to keep your body hydrated.

Intake of basil juice

Tulsi is not only healthy, but also adds a fresh taste to your drink. You can add handful of leaves while preparing a glass of juice at home. These leaves give a fresh taste to your drink.

Chew basil leaves

If time is short, chewing a handful of basil leaves can work like magic for your health.

Mix basil leaves with fruits and vegetables

Tulsi is rich in vitamins which is necessary for your body. You need to fuel your body with these vitamins every day. Add some basil leaves and fruits to your bowl. Tulsi leaves act as a fresh topping and also increase the amount of nutrients.

Benefits of consuming basil

Basil contains zinc and vitamin C which makes it a natural immune booster. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Consuming Tulsi gives a boost to the immune system.

cold, cough, And fever relief

With the changing of seasons, many of us become ill and others like cold, cough and fever. Eugenol is present in basil which helps in reducing cold, cough, fever.

Anti cancer properties

Tulsi contains phytochemicals which are known to prevent lung, liver, oral and skin cancers.

Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most common health problems that women are facing today. Tulsi contains compounds that reduce inflammation and blood pressure in the body.

Good for heart health

Tulsi has antioxidant properties that help reduce the risk of heart diseases like stroke and high blood pressure.

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