Barbie made from 90% ocean plastic waste, a dollop of Rs 1,300; The company’s claim will be 100% eco-friendly by 2030 | Barbie made from 90% ocean plastic waste, a dollop of Rs 1,300; The company claims, by 2030, will be made of 100% plastic

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  • Barbie Made From 90% Ocean Plastic Waste, A Dollop Of Rs 1,300; The Company’s Claim Will Be 100% Eco friendly By 2030

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Three types of dolls have been introduced in Barbie’s new collection.

  • New collection named ‘Barbie Loves the Ocean’
  • Collection will be available in the market from September 2

Barbie doll maker Mattel has also joined the initiative to reduce plastic waste from the ocean. The company has recently introduced its new collection. There are three Barbie dolls in this collection, which have been created by recycling plastic waste collected from the ocean.

90% of Barbie dolls are made from recycled waste. The company Mattel says that it will take this figure to 100 percent by 2030 and recycled plastic will also be used in products and packaging.

Made from virgin plastic only for head and hair
According to the company, 90 percent of ocean plastic waste and 10 percent of virgin plastic have been used in the doll. With the help of virgin plastic, only the head and hair have been prepared so that its look remains intact. The company says, this collection will be available in the market from September 2. The cost of a doll is Rs 1300.

Barbie theme ‘Ocean Beach’
The name of the new collection of Barbie is ‘Barbie Loves the Ocean’. The three Barbie dolls present in it have been designed according to the theme of the beach. Lisa McKnight, the company’s vice president, says a lot has changed in the last 62 years. We will continue to take such initiatives in the future which will give a better message to the children. The new collection is an example of that initiative.

Lisa says, “We want to make children a part of this change on a large scale so that they can see the world the way they want to see it.

Used toys will also be recycled
Mattel has launched a toy return program. According to the program, new toys will be made by recycling old toys. The company says, doing this will reduce plastic waste.

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