Bank Employees In Sensitive Operations On Leave Without Intimation: Reserve Bank | Bank officers may be suddenly sent on leave, Reserve Bank’s plan

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  • Bank Employees In Sensitive Operations On Leave Without Intimation: Reserve Bank

Mumbai2 hours ago

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  • This will be applicable to the officers sitting on sensitive posts in the bank.
  • 6 months have been given to implement the rule

The Reserve Bank of India is making a plan to prevent irregularities in banks. Under this, officers having sensitive information of the bank can be sent on compulsory leave once in a year. This decision too will be sudden.

RBI said apply rules

The Reserve Bank has asked banks to implement such mandatory leave. According to this, it will be applicable for the officers who are in sensitive position. In this, such officers can be suddenly sent on leave of at least 10 days. Although it will be only once a year. For this, no information will be given to the bank officials in advance.

Reserve Bank issued circular

The Reserve Bank has issued a circular. In this circular, it has said that it will be applicable in sections like sensitive post means senior position in treasury, senior position in currency, risk modeling etc. The Reserve Bank has also advised that banks should ensure that when bank employees are on compulsory leave, they are not able to access anything related to their work by visiting the bank or online in any way.

given time of 6 months

The Reserve Bank has given 6 months to the banks to complete this work. During this 6 months all private and government banks will have to implement this rule. By the way, let us tell you that some company in the mutual fund industry has implemented it at their level. This means that they should not be able to get any information related to the investment or any kind of information during that time and in their absence it should be investigated.

Already implemented in some banks

Apart from this, similar rules are already in force in many banks. Such a rule already exists in some private banks as well. This practice is on a global scale. That is why the Reserve Bank has asked banks to implement it now. This means that if an employee is committing any disturbances, then these irregularities can be detected in his absence.

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