Ballia Murder Case: BJP workers warn to leave party if case is not registered on victim side

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Dhirendra Singh, the main accused in the Ballia murder case, has been arrested.


Ballia Murder Case: Ballia Massacre Main accused Dhirendra Singh (Dhirendra Singh) was arrested by UP STF today. On the other hand, BJP (BJP) workers demonstrated in support of the accused of murder in Ballia. They shouted fiercely. They demand that the victim side should also be prosecuted because they also assaulted. If the case is not registered then they BJP Will leave Earlier, the police caught Dhirendra Singh and left him with a pistol … but today he did not leave him caught. Now he is being handed over to Ballia Police.

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Ballia’s BJP worker, W. Bhaiya means murder Mulzim dhirendra singh Sloganeering in support of They were saying that they are with them in the struggle of the murder accused. They demand that the people of Jaiprakash Pal who died should be prosecuted or else they will leave the BJP.

BJP’s Mandal President Butan Rai said, “We will resign. What is the benefit of staying in the Bharatiya Janata Party.” What is the benefit to us? What salary? We spend from our home. The loss of our work is that we work for the party and the country.

On the other hand, the family of Jayaprakash Pal, who was killed in the shootings, wants a severe punishment for the accused. They say that they should not be implicated in lawsuits. Jayaprakash’s brother Surajpal said that “MLA is standing on his side, from the killer’s side.” And we are also hearing that people want to get caught in various cases. So the government should do something to help us. “

Dhirendra Singh, the main accused in the Ballia firing, arrested, arrested three days later

BJP workers protesting in support of Dhirendra Singh are alleging that there are corrupt people in the organization of the district, hence Dhirendra Singh’s strong advocacy could not be done. Buttan Rai said that “the district president here divides the post with money.” And Karan Maurya, who had voted for the BSP in the Assembly … took him to the District Working Committee. There is a Dilip Gupta, he asked us for SP’s vote.

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