Bahadurgarh agitation girl raped case of West Bengal trade union leader handed over video of misdeeds with daughter to police, questioned Yogendra Yadav | West Bengal trade union leader handed over video of misdeeds with daughter to police, questioned Yogendra Yadav

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  • Bahadurgarh Agitation Girl Raped Case of West Bengal Trade Union Leader Handed Over Video of Misdeeds with Daughter to Police, Questioned Yogendra Yadav

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Bahadurgarh3 minutes ago

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The dead body of the deceased woman placed at the farmers’ dharna in Tikri, near Bahadurgarh. -File photo

The case of misconduct with a woman from West Bengal involved in the peasant movement has created a ruckus. In this case, the father of the deceased woman and the leader of the trade union of West Bengal has submitted the video of misdeeds to the police, while the state government is also ready for justice in this matter. In addition to Haryana’s farmer leader Yogendra Yadav, notices have been issued to the respective woman’s volunteers, Kavita and Yogita. Yogendra Yadav arrived to join the police interrogation later on Tuesday afternoon.

Let me tell you that the daughter of the trade union leader from Hooghly district of West Bengal also came to participate in the dharna of farmers running in Tikri in Jhajjar district on the Haryana-Delhi border. That girl died. Allegations arose that he had been mistreated. He is said to have died of rape and corona infection. Questions have been raised on the entire movement after a case has been registered against 6, including farmer leaders.

According to the information revealed on Tuesday, where Chief Minister Manohar Lal has received the report of the entire case from the police officers, State Home Minister Anil Vij said that such acts cannot be accepted under the guise of agitation. One accused will be arrested in the case. Vij directed the Director General of Police Manoj Yadav and the SP of Jhajjar that the real culprits should not be spared in any case by going to the bottom of the case. Earlier, the girl’s father has handed over many such evidences to the police, on the basis of which the police can be helped to reach the real criminals. Vij says that full action is being taken on this matter. Instructions have been given to arrest each man.

On the other hand, Haryana Women’s Commission has also sought a report in this matter from the SP of Jhajjar. The Commission’s Executive Chairman Preeti Bhardwaj said that the Commission will help the girl’s family as much as possible in this matter. According to Preity, in the notice, it has been advised to constitute a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to get the entire case investigated and send a report to them.

However, according to the conclusion that the Haryana Police has reached so far, according to many of the so-called leaders who conducted the movement, they were already aware of it. Despite this, this abominable act was not only kept hidden for several days, but it continued to try till the end of the matter. This is also evident from the statement of the leaders of the farmers associations that came out after the FIR lodged by the girl’s father. Earlier, those responsible remained silent. Due to this Yogendra Yadav, Kavita and Yogita had to issue notices. According to police sources, till now the investigation has confirmed that the woman was tampered with in the train. The order of interrogation of some is going on, while the rest of the three teams are conducting raids to nab the others.

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