Awake Maa … Video of blood-soaked children viral after the Kabul bombings – “Maa … wake up”: Call of blood-soaked children after the Kabul bombings, VIDEO viral


At least five people have died in three separate blasts in Kabul on Saturday.


Kabul bombing (Kabul Blast) Video social media But there is a lot of viral (viral video), on which people have become more angry. Video detonate the bombs (Kabul Blast Video) time, in which two of her children are standing in a blood soaked and weeping in front of an unconscious woman. Many of the dead bodies can be seen in blood-soaked or mutilated condition in the video going viral on social media. The most angry people are seeing that part of the video, in which two of her children, who are soaked in blood, are crying continuously in front of the unconscious mother. The crying children in the video are calling out to the mother constantly. They are both trying to raise their mother. After this, the unconscious woman in the video is being taken by security personnel. Meanwhile, the person making the video is trying to silence the crying children. Shortly after uploading this video, I started trending with the hashtag “Maa Utho” (“Mother, get up!”) In Dari language. There are many types of reactions on social media about this video.

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On Twitter, a user named Ejaz Malikzada tweeted the video saying that it was quite unbearable for me to see this mother and her two children. At the same time, Fawzia Kofi, a member of the government’s peace group negotiating with the Taliban, said, “How do those who carry out such attacks justify it in front of their souls?” When you see her two children crying in front of an injured mother. In this case, the Kabul police have confirmed that now both children are safe. Both children had minor injuries. But the woman was seriously injured. He is being treated. According to Kabul police, no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for this attack yet. But Afghan security forces have always been targeted by the Taliban. At the same time, the Taliban denied any involvement in this attack.


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Let me tell you that at least five people were killed and two others were injured in three separate explosions in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Saturday. In most of the bomb attacks in the capital Kabul in recent months, they are used in vehicles using magnets and then detonated by remote control or timers. In the second blast, a car was targeted in an area of ​​north-western Kabul in which soldiers of the National Army were traveling. Two soldiers were killed in the blast. A passer-by passing by there was also killed. In the third blast, a police car was targeted in western Kabul in which two police officers were killed. Meanwhile, a civilian car was targeted in the first blast, injuring two people sitting inside the passenger vehicle. Kabul police said that investigation is going on.


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