At the wedding the bride and groom received petrol, onion and gas cylinders in the gift people see viral video


Friends gave such a gift at the wedding, the bride could not stop laughing on stage.

Fuel prices continued to rise for the 11th consecutive day, in such a situation that a couple in Tamilnadu gave their friends a unique gift on the wedding. Some people gave a can of petrol, some a gas cylinder and some gave onions in a wedding gift. The video of this couple, who received such a unique gift on the wedding of Mackay, is now going viral on social media.

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In the video, you can see the guests standing on the stage with the couple. Petrol, gas cylinders and onion garlands are visible in the hands of the guests and all are standing together and posing on the stage. Everyone seems quite happy in the video. In the video, you can see that the bride is laughing and she is trying to stop her laughter.

See Video:


While sharing the video, the user wrote in the caption, ‘In Tamil Nadu, the couple got petrol, gas cylinders and onions in the wedding gift.’ This 45-second video clip is fast becoming viral on social media. This video has been viewed more than 2 thousand times so far. Along with this, people are also making fun comments on it.


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