Astronomers discovered giant exoplanet orbiting dead star – Astronomers discovered giant exoplanet circling dead star


The planet is about ten times larger than its shrunken parent star.


According to research published on Wednesday, astronomers have detected a planet orbiting the smoldering remains of a dead star. A dense exoplanet has been discovered for the first time. Researchers said that the new planet (WD 1586b) tells of our solar system how the sun turns into a white dwarf in about five billion years.

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When it starts burning due to its stock of hydrogen and takes the form of a red giant and surrounds the nearby planets. Then it collapses, reducing its burnt core. This white dwarf glows with the remaining thermal energy and slowly fades for billions of years. Previous research has suggested that some white dwarfs may retain more distant remains of their solar system. But till now no planets orbiting around the dead stars were detected. "This discovery is a surprise," said Andrew Vanderburg, assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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The planet is about ten times larger than its shrunken parent star, known as WD 1856 + 534. Siyi Xu, an assistant astronomer at the US National Science Foundation's Gemini Observatory, said that because no debris was found from the planet around the star, the researchers concluded that it was intact.

In a statement from the NSF's NOIRLab, Xu said, "We have indirect evidence that planets exist around White Dwarf and ultimately it is surprising to find such a planet."

The statement said the discovery suggests that the planets may end in or around the habitable zone of the White Dwarf, and potentially adapt to life even after their star has died.

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