Arshad Warsi Punched Her daughter in Pool Funny Video Viral – Arshad Warsi was fighting with his daughter in the pool, this is how Panch was surprised by the actor


Arshad Warsi’s video of slow motion fight with daughter went viral

New Delhi :

Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi is spending time with the family these days and is also sharing a lot of videos on his Instagram. The circuit of ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ has shared a video with its daughter in which the father-daughter are seen banging in the pool. Now if the father is an actor, there cannot be a fighting scene in this situation. In such a situation, the father-daughter carried out a slow motion fight inside the pool. His daughter Jenny Zoe Warsi gives a very funny answer to Arshad Warsi’s punch and Papa also laughs.

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Arshad Warsi has shared several videos on his Instagram with daughter Jenny Joi Warsi. These videos are being well liked. Posting this video, Arshad Warsi wrote, ‘Intense action sequence in slow motion with Jenny Joi Warsi’. In this video, he is acting to punch the girl and the girl also gives a funny answer. But in the next video, it is Jenny’s turn to punch Papa. But Joi punches Arshad Warsi in such a way that Papa’s laughter is missed.


While sharing this video, Arshad Warsi wrote, ‘Till today have not seen such leg spin punch’. In this way, he laughs fiercely when the daughter is punched.


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