Apple alert! Bug in iOS can break iPhone Wi-Fi, here’s how to secure your device | This bug is automatically turning off the Wi-Fi of the phone, keep these things in mind to avoid it

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  • Apple Alert! Bug In iOS Can Break iPhone Wi Fi, Here’s How To Secure Your Device

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Researchers have discovered a funny bug regarding security in a digital space. If any kind of bug is found in Wi-Fi, then the Wi-Fi of the iPhone is disabled. Researcher Carl Shou has said in a tweet that if the iPhone is connected to a network named ‘%secretclub% power’, then the device will not be able to use Wi-Fi or other related features.

Bug appears in percentage symbol
It only recognizes the percentage symbol ‘%’ in some Wi-Fi networks. If once the iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi on the iPhone as the ‘%p%s%s%s%s%n’ network, the WiFi cannot connect to the device and this persists even after rebooting the device. not connected. This system uses AirDrop networking features.

This % symbol is used in programming language. Which converts the variables into an output string.

Works in string format

In C, ‘%n’ means to save the given word in string format. The Wi-Fi subsystem sends the SSID of the Wi-Fi network name to an internal library, which works in string format. Which causes arbitrary memory writes and buffer overflows.

This will waste memory and the iOS watchdog will not process. Therefore Wi-Fi is disabled for users. Apple is working on fixing this.

Reset the settings to avoid the bug

In case of such a problem, users should reset their iOS network settings. The settings of the router should be changed. Keep the password secure.

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