Apollo 13 in Real Time: Relive the disaster that failed moon landing 50 years ago

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Updated: April 12, 2020 1:56:47 pm

NASA is letting you relive the Apollo 13 in Real Time after 50 years of its failure. (Image: apolloinrealtime.org/13)

NASA’s manned space mission Apollo 13 failed to reach the moon in 1970 but succeeded in saving the lives of three astronauts on-board the spacecraft. After 50 years of the mission, the space agency is letting us relive the event at the same pace they occurred back then. You can head over to its “Apollo 13 in Real Time” website to get the experience.

Apollo 13 was NASA’s seventh crewed mission in the Apollo space program and the third one that was supposed to land on the Moon. The mission was launched from Kennedy Space Centre on April 11, 1970, aboard Saturn V SA-508 rocket, but unfortunately, the oxygen tank in the service module failed two days into the mission and the lunar landing was aborted.

Apollo 13 in Real Time

NASA’s apolloinrealtime.org/13 lets users relive the events from 50 years ago. The real-time elements include all mission control film footage as well as an all mission control audio of 7,200 hours.

The experience also includes all on-board television and film footage together with 144 hours of space-to-ground audio and all on-board recorder audio. The “Apollo 13 in Real Time” not only showcases 600+ photographs from the mission but also lets you witness the press conferences as they happened back then.

apollo 13, apollo 13 real time, apollo 13 re watch, watch apollo 13 mission, nasa Screengrab from the apolloinrealtime.org/13.

Aside from that, the website lets you see searchable transcript as well as the post-mission commentary. You can join in by clicking at the “T-Minus 1M” button to join at “1 minute to launch” and relive the whole experience. Alternatively, you can select a specific moment in the mission and watch it from there.

The replay of the launch began at 12:13 pm PT, synchronised with the original event on April 11, 1970, but you can start the event anytime. Also, if you start at T-Minus 1M, you will have to way 56 hours after launch for the oxygen tank explosion— the moment of the disaster which threatened the lives of the astronauts and ended the mission’s plan to reach the moon.

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You can directly jump to this specific event in the mission by checking the “mission milestones” list. Notably, the Apollo 13 took place less than a year after the Apollo 11 mission succeeded in landing humans on the moon for the first time.

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