Anxiety Hack: These 5 Foods Told By Nutritionist Are Excellent For Gut Health, Beneficial In Removing Anxiety Too


Mental Health: A healthy diet and an active lifestyle can help keep anxiety away.

Special things

  • Your brain health is linked to your stomach health.
  • Probiotics and prebiotics can help keep the gut healthy.
  • Anxiety is a serious mental health problem these days.

Foods For Gut Health And Anxiety: Kovid-19 News, work pressure and an unresolved dose of stay at home can overshadow one’s mental health. Needless to say, increasing anxiety and stress levels begin to affect a person’s physical health, leading to various illnesses. Nutritionist Namami Agarwal says, making some changes in the diet can help to a great extent. In her recent Instagram video, she talks about concern about the consequences of a poor gut health. Your intestine, brain are strongly related. She is physically connected to millions of nerves, and changing the type of bacteria in the gut can improve brain health, she explains.

Keep your stomach healthy to control anxiety and stress

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Namami shared a list of things in the caption that you can keep on your plate to help relieve anxiety. He wrote, “Both probiotics and probiotics are considered beneficial for reducing anxiety levels. It’s a good idea to add both: nuts, seeds, fish, yogurt, idli, dosa and whole grains in the diet.” Include. She says that things rich in polyphenols like coffee and green tea also help in increasing the bacteria of healthy intestine.

v07nol28Yogurt is a probiotic that can help in the production of healthy bacteria

In the clip, Namami talks about more nutritious food that can be included in daily meals. It contains omega-3 fats such as nuts, seeds, or fish. Formatted yogurt, idli and dosa are also highly recommended. High fiber food like whole grains, fruits and vegetables should also be consumed.

Namami shared the COVID-19 diet plan in an earlier post. The diet chart has a menu for all meals, which includes breakfast from morning breakfast to after-dinner snacks. “Eating a healthy jite during Kovid-19 is very important. This diet plan is for people who are suffering from or are recovering from Kovid-19. Remember that you can modify the plan to suit your needs, ” they wrote.

He has also given some suggestions on covid care recently. Namami advised to get a good amount of sleep for those recovering from the infection. He also insisted on a nutritious diet and avoid going back to normal routine.

With these diet measures and proper sleep, exercise should be relied upon to keep anxiety away. Since it is not appropriate to step outside the house for a walk, you can practice yoga or breathing at home. Also, if you have been experiencing anxiety for a long time, seek medical help on time.

Disclaimer: This content only provides general information, including advice. It is not a substitute for qualified medical opinion by any means. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information. NewsBust does not claim responsibility for this information.


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