Anupmaa Aka Rupali Ganguly Dance With Jaswir Kaur And Mother In Law Leela Video Viral


‘Anupmaa’ danced with mother-in-law and best friend Devika

Special things

  • Anupama danced with mother-in-law and best friend Devika
  • Actress seen shouting in Shahrukh Khan’s song
  • Anupama’s video is becoming viral

new Delhi:

These days the serial ‘Anupmaa’ is very popular on Star Plus. The fans of Rupali Ganguly, who plays ‘Anupama’ in the show, and their style are also very much liked by the fans. Recently, the video of Anupama i.e. Rupali Ganguly is becoming very viral, in which she is seen dancing with Shah Rukh Khan’s song ‘Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaon’ along with serial co-star Jasvir Kaur. Then there comes Anupama’s mother-in-law, Leela. But Anupama drags them along and starts dancing.

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Rupali Ganguly has shared this video with his Instagram account, which has been seen more than one and a half lakh times so far. It is seen in the video that both of them are dancing to ‘I sing such a song’ in fun, then Leela Ben comes there. But ‘Anupmaa’ also drags him along and starts dancing. The style of the three looks quite awesome in the video. This video related to Anupama’s set is becoming very viral on social media, as well as fans are also commenting a lot about this video.


‘Anupmaa’ i.e. Rupali Ganguly shared this video and wrote, “What do you need for Monday’s inspiration, when you are blessed to do the work that you love. So in this Make your positive contribution and start. ” Let me tell you that this is not the first time Rupali Ganguly has shared photos and videos related to the fun done on the set of the serial. Earlier too, she has appeared in many videos having fun with co-stars.


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