Anupamaa Kinjal Gets Job In Vanraj Office Know What Happened Next In Serial


Anupamaa’s new twist will come in serial

Special things

  • Kinjal got a job in place of Vanraj
  • Anupama will get a new twist
  • Anupama’s video is becoming viral

new Delhi:

The ‘Anupamaa’ serial in the TV world is making a lot of noise these days. Recently, a new twist has come in Anupama. Actually, on one side where Anupama is constantly climbing the stairs of success. Recently, Anupama has got some new students who want to learn dance from them. On the other hand, Vanraj (Sudanshu Pandey) has lost his job. However, Vanraj does not seem to get any lesson from this, instead he is telling Kavya that he will get a new job soon.

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Anupama will know about the job of Vanraj (Sudanshu Pandey). After which happy Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) will get upset after meeting her new students. However, as soon as Anupama reaches home, she refuses to ask Ba for money from Vanraj. Anupama wants to tell about the loss of Vanraj’s job to everyone in the house, so that the family can support Vanraj in this bad time.

At the same time, in the upcoming episode of ‘Anupamaa’, it will be seen that Kinjal and Paritosh are preparing for their campus selection. While Vanraj will tell everyone in his office that no one can take his place, he will not get any more capable person than Vanraj. On the other hand, Kinjal will tell everyone in the house that he has got a new job. Will Kinjal get a job in place of Vanraj? If this happens, what storm will it cause?


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