Anu Malik Angry On Raghu Ram After Asked Stealing Tune In Career Video Viral


Anu Malik’s video went viral

New Delhi:

A throwback video of Bollywood’s famous music director Anu Malik is becoming very viral, in which there is an argument between him and Raghu Ram. Actually, Anu Malik had reached the show ‘Entertainment Ki Raat’ in the year 2017. Meanwhile, Raghu Ram asks him, ‘You have stolen any tune in your career.’ Anu Malik Angry gets angry on this question of Raghu and explains to him about himself properly. This video of Anu Malik is becoming very viral.

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Anu Malik can be seen in the video saying in response to Raghu Ram’s question: “I didn’t know, you are going to ask such a question. I think your tongue is too much. It is long, let’s fix it a bit. Even before you 11 journalists have asked this question, are you a thief. You have also stolen their question. There is no original in this world except God and this is a fact.

Anu Malik is seen saying further in the video: “Have you heard Border’s music? Original. LOC Kargil? Original Main Hoon Na? Original. Anu Malik has just received three National Awards, Moh Moh Ke Dhaage, Original. Brothers, Anu Malik could not have traveled this long with borrowed legs.” On this matter of Anu Malik, everyone present there starts clapping. Let us tell you that apart from Anu Malik, Shakti Kapoor and Ranjit also participated in the show.


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