Antilia case: who told Sachin Vaze to execute conspiracy, is it still a mystery? – Many important revelations in the case of Antilia, whose hand is behind Sachin Waze, it is still mystery…?


On whose request did Sachin Waze execute the conspiracy? (File photo)


It has been more than 26 days since the Mumbai Police’s API Sachin Vaze (Sachin Vaze) was arrested for fabricating a false story of terrorist conspiracy near the building Antilia of the country’s well-known industrialist Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani). The police custody of former police constables Vinayak Shinde and Buchi Naresh Gore arrested by the ATS for the murder of Mansukh, the prime suspect in the conspiracy, also ended. The investigating agency NIA has so far seized 8 luxury cars in the case. Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh, former Encounter Specialist Pradeep Sharma and several DCPs including minor and more than 25 policemen have recorded statements with the suspect woman. Even after inquiring with the owners of the week, who has been given the week, who has been given all the information given to whom and for how many weeks, but till date, Sachin Waze has done all these things and why it has not been ascertained.

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Even how many people were involved in Mansukh’s murder and how the NIA or ATS have failed to find out. Alam is that by diverting everyone’s attention from the main matter, Parambir Singh is putting pressure on the then Home Minister Anil Deshmukh and then Sachin Waze to pressurize Minister Anil Parab from Shiv Sena quota.

On the Bombay High Court’s order, the CBI has also come into the fray and within a day has also recorded statements of Parambir Singh, including DCP Bhujbal, ACP Sanjay Patil and Sachin Waze, who are in the custody of the NIA. Sushant Singh Rajput suspected death, this case too has now become central vs state government. In such a situation, the question is whether the whole truth of this conspiracy, which will embarrass the Mumbai Police and endanger the state government, will ever be revealed.

Many people, including bookies, monitor NIA
Surprisingly, API Riyaz Kazi, who works in CIU with Sachin Waze, who helped erase evidence at the behest of Waje after Raj opened, and the driver of the suspected Scorpio car have not been arrested to date. . Many people, including a suspected woman, a Gujarat-based SIM card bookie, are under the watch of the NIA, then why is the story or arrest not proceeding? The biggest question is, can Sachin Vaz do such a big feat without the help of a big police officer and a minister? And was it a conspiracy in a hurry or was it going on for months?

Planning was done in November 2020!
According to information received by NewsBust from some officials related to the investigation, some such clues and evidence have been found that show that the conspiracy started from November 2020, but the whole episodes are not connected yet, so firmly It is difficult to say anything. The agency is trying to link the links. Whose first link was the stolen eco car from Aurangabad on 17 November. On March 28, the NIA received CPU, DVR, Sachin Vazha’s laptop and printer along with two car number plates of the same number from Mithi River at BKC. It was found out that it is the number plate of the Eco car and it was stolen from Aurangabad on 17 November.

A coincidence or conspiracy to show the car in Thane and Mumbai?
After finding the number plate from the Mithi River, when the search for that eco car started, a surprising information was found. In Mumbai and Thane, the same Eco car was caught on CCTV in the evening of March 4. Significantly, on the night of March 4, Mansukh Hiren was murdered in Thane. The number plate of the stolen car from Aurangabad on November 17, 2020 to meet with the evidence related to the Antilia case from the Mithi River and then to be seen in Mumbai and Thane on the night of March 4, is it just a coincidence? If not, then it is clear that the planning of the conspiracy started from the month of November.

Conspiracy meeting was held in Vasai
A place to meet the arrested Sachin Vaze and Vinayak Shinde is also a Vasai farmhouse. It is learned that the whole story of the conspiracy was made in that meeting long before 24 February. There were also some other people involved in that meeting, whose name is yet to come out. It was only after that meeting that a fake SIM card of Gujarat was charged so that no investigating agency could reach the real accused from the mobile number. The statement of that bookie named Thakkar, who got a fake SIM card, has also been recorded. The NIA has told in court that a chit was found from Bookie Naresh Gaur in which 14 mobile phone numbers were written. 5 of them were given to SIM cards. Later those same phone numbers were used to plan the entire plot and then call Mansukh Hiren on the night of 4 March. On the night of March 4, Mansukh deer was killed and thrown into the Mumbra Reti monkey.

5 SIM cards from Gujarat were activated from Nana Chowk in Mumbai
During investigation, it has been learned that all the 5 mobile phone numbers were activated from Nana Chowk area. The agency has also recovered the mobile phone from which all SIM cards of Gujarat were activated. On March 3, the location of one of the same SIM cards was found in Andheri. Due to which the former encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma has been questioned for two consecutive days. It is learned that Vinayak Shinde had done Reiki a couple of days before where he had to cross the Scorpio. Vinayak Shinde has been close to Pradeep Sharma.

2 people encounter was planned
Sachin Waze, who has been in NIA custody for 26 days, has made another sensational disclosure. According to agency sources, Waje has said that after planting the terror plot, there was a plan for an encounter of 2 people to crack the investigation. For this, 2 persons were also identified.

Over confidence
Bad confidence in API Sachin Waze and ATS DIG Shivdeep Lande spoiled the entire game. It is worth noting that on the night of 25 February, ATS had identified Mansukh, the owner of Scorpio and exposed the fake game of waje.


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