Anil Ghanwat, farmers protests SC appointed committee member, says revision in farm laws necessary


The SC has formed a committee to discuss agricultural laws. (Symbolic picture)

new Delhi:

Farmer’s Protests: The Supreme Court has ordered to form a committee to discuss the laws regarding agricultural laws and the farmers’ movement. The court has made many people members in the committee, including the president of the Shetkari organization, Anil Ghanwat. Ghanwat says that he believes that these agricultural laws need to be reformed.

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Ghanwat told NewsBust that ‘the Supreme Court has taken a good decision. I appeal to the farmers’ organizations that are protesting, to come forward to negotiate with the committee set up by the Supreme Court. If he does not come before the committee to talk to us, then we will go to him to talk.

He said that reforms in the new agricultural reform laws are necessary. We have to decide in the interest of farmers, not politics. Both the government and farmer organizations should not stick to their own points. Ghanwat also said that there was not much discussion with the farmers organizations before the new agricultural law was made, due to which many misunderstandings have spread among the farmers. If the government had talked to farmers’ organizations before, this movement would not have happened today.


Regarding the demands and concerns of farmers, Ghanwat said that ‘farmers should get the right to marketing their produce. Protection should be given to the farmers who want protection, those farmers who want freedom to sell their crop should be given freedom. For those who want MSP, the system of MSP should be restored. In my opinion, reform of new agricultural reform laws is very important.

Let us know that on Tuesday, the Supreme Court said that it wants the best solution to the problem. The CJI said that ‘we want a knowledgeable person (committee) to meet the farmers and debate according to the point where the problem lies.’ The court has named Harsimrat Mann, agricultural economist Ashok Gulati, Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi (former Director National Agricultural Research Management), Anil Dhanwat as members of the committee.


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