Ancient giant rhino was one of the largest mammals ever to walk Earth | Rhinos were taller than giraffes, weighing as much as 4 African elephants; Giant rhinoceros fossils found in China


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  • Scientists claimed in the research of Chinese Academy of Science
  • Said, 2.65 million years ago they were seen walking on the earth

Rhinoceros were once taller than giraffes, evidence of this has also been found in China. Researchers in northwestern China have discovered fossils of a species of giant rhinoceros that was taller than a giraffe. Scientists say, 2.65 million years ago they were found walking on the earth.

According to researchers from the Chinese Academy of Science, these giant rhinos are known as Paraceratherium linuxianus. Their weight was about 21 tons, which was equal to 4 African elephants.

Head could reach 7 meters
According to the report published in the Journal of Communication Biology, these rhinos were hornless and their heads could reach a height of 7 meters to eat leaves from trees. The skull and jaw bones of a giant rhinoceros found in China’s Gansu province were examined. Investigation revealed that it belongs to the last phase of the Oligocene era.

Flexible neck rhinoceros was found in Pakistan
Researchers say, the atlas and axis bones found in the fossil show that the age of the rhino was long and flexible. Their genome report says, it was a different species which was found in West Pakistan. However, these were spread throughout Asia.

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