Amrapali Dubey Dance On Bhojpur Holi Song Video Viral On Internet – Amrapali Dubey did a dance on Bhojpuri Holi Song, YouTube Queen’s Video


Amrapali Dubey (Amrapali Dubey) shared video

New Delhi:

The YouTube queen of Bhojpuri cinema Amrapali Dubey creates a lot of flamboyance with her stylish style. Bhojpuri actress entertains fans on social media along with films. Amrapali Dubey (Amrapali Dubey) is now seen colored in the color of Holi. His recent Instagram post is pointing to this. Amrapali Dubey Dance recently posted a video in which she is dancing to Bhojpuri Holi Song.

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Amrapali Dubey (Amrapali Dubey) has shared this video on her official Instagram account. The dance and expression of the actress in the video are amazing. As usual, his video has been a big hit on social media. This video of Amrapali Dubey has received thousands of views. His fans are also giving a lot of reaction on the video.

Amrapali Dubey (Amrapali Dubey) will soon be seen in the film ‘Ghar Parivar’. In the film, once again, his and Nirhua’s pair will be frozen. Let me tell you that Amrapali Dubey initially wanted to become a doctor during her studies, but later she advanced her career in the field of acting. He played the lead role as Suman in ‘Rahna Hai Teri Palak Ki Chhaon Mein’. He gained fame in 2014 in Bhojpuri cinema with Dinesh Lal Yadav’s film ‘Nirhua Rickshawala’.


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