Amid the Corona crisis, lack of oxygen cylinders in Mumbai too! Dura cylinder from 6250 to 9 thousand – Amidst the Corona crisis, Mumbai also lacked oxygen cylinders! 6250 to 9 thousand dura cylinder


Aamna told, "I need my mother, there was no such purchase till now, used to buy 250, but now I am getting 350 from last night due to shortage."

Having lost himself due to lack of oxygen, he is Shahnawaz Sheikh of Mumbai, after this accident, he has distributed nearly one and a half thousand oxygen cylinders to poor and incapable needy people, he says that now oxygen is 90-90 kilometers away. Have to find

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At the same time, Jauhar Diwan also delivers oxygen to the needy in the city, he says that new prices are being fixed everyday. They told. "Earlier it was within 200, now it goes up to 350 ½, every day new prices, people come and join hands, but it is not that it is falling short for its old patient, so where to give the new one. The situation is terrible. "

There are about five big manufacturers in Maharashtra who make oxygen that oxygen reaches the state through 80 refillers, one of their dealers said, about 40 rupees of oxygen is available in a cubic meter for about Rs 13 to 40 rupees. ..

Through the President Bill of the Association of Medical Consultants, we are showing that the oxygen dura cylinder available for Rs 6,250 is being used in hospitals for 9000.

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Dr. Deepak Baid, President of the Medical Consultant Association, said, "Hospitals are unable to admit new patients due to lack of oxygen."

At the same time, amidst increased complaints, the Maharashtra government has decided to increase the oxygen tanker. Food and Supplies Minister Chhagan Bhujbal said, "Factories are ready to deliver oxygen, but due to shortage of tankers, there has been shortage at many places, now we are increasing the tanker in view of this, soon this shortage will be overcome."

By the way, everyone says, there will be a cap on the price of oxygen.

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