America's doubly active patients growing in India; First 5 lakh active patients were increased in 179 days, now it took only 49 days to become 5 to 10 lakh | Active patients growing in India at double the speed of America; First 5 lakh patients increased in 179 days, this time it took just 51 days to be 5 to 10 lakh.

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  • America's Doubly Active Patients Growing In India; First 5 Lakh Active Patients Were Increased In 179 Days, Now It Took Only 49 Days To Become 5 To 10 Lakh

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  • There have been 7 days since May, when the number of people recovering more than the infected increased.
  • Every day 12-15 thousand active cases are increasing in the country, 13.68% of the world's active patients in India

Corona's active case figure in the country has crossed 1 million. Meaning there are 10 lakh patients who are undergoing treatment. The remaining 78.08% have been cured, while 1.64% of the patients have died. The most active cases in the world are now increasing in India itself. Every day 14 to 15 thousand are increasing in active patients. In the US, half of it ie 6 to 7 thousand active cases are increasing every day.

If you look at the figures, 24 lakh 28 thousand 825 people had become infected in the last one month. Meanwhile, 20 lakh 78 thousand 443 people were cured, while 32 thousand 7 patients died. In this way, 3 lakh 22 thousand 42 active cases increased in this one month.

First 5 lakh active patients increased in 179 days
It took 179 days to get the first 5 lakh active patients in the country. Whereas, it took just 51 days to get this figure from 5 to 10 lakhs. In June, 500 to 1000 active cases were increasing every day. This figure increased from 2000 to 3000 in July. It increased to 7-8 thousand in August. Now every day 14-15 thousand active cases are increasing in September.

Number of cured people increased by 7 times
From May to 14 September, there were 7 days when the active cases decreased instead of increasing. This means that the number of cured people has increased in these 7 days. Maximum 4 such occasions came in August.

78 people recovering every 100 patients

As the infection increases in the country, the rate of recovery of patients is also increasing rapidly. The recovery rate is now 78.08% i.e. 78 people are recovering in every 100 patients. The death rate is 1.64% i.e. 1 patient is dying in every 100 patients.

3,508 patients in a population of 10 lakh

Nearly 5 million people in the country have been infected. It is a matter of relief that more than 38 lakh people have been cured. If we look at the figures, now 41 thousand 395 people are being examined in every 10 lakh population. Of these, 3,508 people are being found infected. The death toll from Corona in this same population is 58.



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