Amazon Flipkart Case: India CCI Expedite Its Investigation Into Allegations Of Anti-competitive Behavior | CCI again expedited the investigation of both the companies, alleging violation of competition rules

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  • Amazon Flipkart Case: India CCI Expedite Its Investigation Into Allegations Of Anti Competitive Behavior

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  • America’s big technology companies have been accused of breaching data privacy
  • This matter still has already created conflict between the government and these companies in the country

While the investigation of big tech firms in the country has intensified, on the other hand the Competition Commission of India (CCI) is expediting the re-investigation of the allegations of anti-competitive behavior on Amazon and Flipkart. This is happening at a time when America’s big technology companies have been accused of breaching the confidentiality of data.

Twitter and Facebook allegations

Tech companies that have been accused of breach of privacy include Twitter and Facebook. His relations with the Indian government have also deteriorated. This has been termed as a protectionist policy by some industry executives. The CCI had initiated the investigation in January last year on the basis of a complaint. In this, it was alleged that Amazon and Flipkart promoted select sellers on their e-commerce platforms. Higher discounts suppressed the competition. However, the companies have denied any such wrongdoing.

CCI plans to seek information related to allegations at the earliest

While Amazon and Flipkart are likely to appeal, the CCI plans to seek information on the allegations at the earliest. The investigation will be expedited. In India, such investigations usually take months to complete. Two people familiar with the functioning of the CCI said that the CCI is expediting all cases involving large technology firms. This may include the deployment of additional officers for certain cases and the setting of strict deadlines.

Matters related to digital firms getting priority in CCI

An expert said matters related to digital firms are getting priority in the CCI as they can have a significant impact on the economy and Indian startups. Last year, the CCI began a review of allegations of Google abusing its Android operating system’s position in the smart TV market. It may soon order a comprehensive antitrust probe. Such an investigation will be the third against Google, in which Google is already grappling with cases related to Android as well as its payments app.

Also examine the ways to change the privacy policy

The CCI is also examining ways to change the privacy policies of Facebook’s WhatsApp and MakeMyTrip. The investigation into Amazon and Flipkart comes at a time when both are battling allegations from offline retailers that their business practices allow them to circumvent foreign investment rules for e-commerce.

was investigated in February

An investigation based on Amazon documents in February revealed that they had, over the years, treated the e-tailer as a preferential treatment to a small group of sellers on its Indian platform. The CCI, arguing for resumption of the investigation, told a Karnataka state court that it was confirmed by the evidence. Amazon, however, brushed off the report.

An antitrust lawyer representing tech firms said CCI’s plan to move swiftly on such cases is in line with other antitrust regulators globally that are scrutinizing digital markets such as e-commerce and online search.

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