Amazon delivery boy arrived to deliver parcel on horse, people gave such a reaction, viral happening video


Amazon delivery boy arrived to deliver parcel on horse, people gave fun reaction

Recently, a video has become quite viral on social media, in which a person is coming to deliver the parcel by riding on a horse. This video is being told from Kashmir and the person riding on the horse seen in the video is being told the delivery boy of Amazon. It is believed that due to heavy snowfall in Kashmir, Amazon is sending its delivery boy to deliver the parcel on horse, so that even in these difficult times, there will be no problem in the delivery of the goods of the people and their goods on time. Reach near.

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This video is being seen repeatedly on social media and people are also very fond of this video. Many users are very happy and praising this step of Amazon by watching the video, while many users are also making funny comments by watching this video. This video was shared by a user named @ UmarGanie1 on 12 January. While sharing the video, the user wrote the caption with it, “Amazon Delivery Innovation.”

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While commenting on the video, one user even wrote that, “Tell your delivery boy to Amazon not to use the phone while driving the horse or else the local police will cut the challan.”


Let us know that due to heavy snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir last week, many parts of Union Territory have been completely covered. Especially the Kashmir Valley. After four days, air traffic between Kashmir and the rest of the country was restored on Thursday. However, many flights have been canceled or delayed due to fresh snowfall over the weekend.


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