Amar Singh's old association with controversies; His eight statements were always in the discussion, he had said to Mulayam – I am satisfied to be single, but will not give my thumb like him | For Mulayam Singh Yadav had said – I am satisfied to become Eklavya, but will not give my thumb; These statements of Amar Singh were discussed

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  • Amar Singh's Old Association With Controversies; His Eight Statements Were Always In The Discussion, He Had Said To Mulayam I Am Satisfied To Be Single, But Will Not Give My Thumb Like Him

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Amar Singh is no more. But, he will always be known for his blatant and conflicting statements. -File photo

  • Amar Singh died in Singapore this afternoon, he was ill for a long time.
  • After separating from Samajwadi Party, he made comments on many people including Mulayam

Amar Singh, a former SP MP from Uttar Pradesh, died in Singapore on Saturday. He was ill for the last several days. His kidney was transplanted a few days ago. Amar Singh had a long association with controversies and was always in the news for his statements.

Amar Singh also made controversial comments on many people including Mulayam Singh. After separating from the SP, Amar Singh had said in a comment against Mulayam – I am satisfied to become Eklavya for Mulayam, but will not give him my thumb like Eklavya.

Mulayam was targeted for the first time

After being expelled from the SP, Amar Singh said in March 2010 – Mulayam Singh is not either a Lohiaist or he wants to put his white lie of selfish Mulayamism on Lohiaji. It seems that all leadership capacity, quality is in only one family. My mistake was that I did not see this rigging happening for 14 years.

Question was raised about Ram Gopal Yadav

On 23 October 2010, Amar Singh also targeted Ram Gopal along with Mulayam Singh. Amar said that Mulayam Singh Yadav has sacrificed the principles of Lohia. Lohia never promoted nepotism. Mulayam is promoting this. The Samajwadi Party had only two exceptions. One is Janeshwar Mishra and the other Amar Singh. One ate Ram ji and the other Ram Gopal.

Mulayam Singh was called Joker by Amar Singh

Amar Singh said on 21 February 2012- Both Chief Minister Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav are partners in UP corruption. Mulayam Singh is a wheel cycle joker.

Taunt on Mulayam's rape statement

Amar Singh said on 12 April 2014- Mulayam Singh has given a statement on rape saying that there are boys. The mind is torn. It seems that if Mulayam Singh is controlled, then the rape should be justified.

Target also from blog

Amar Singh wrote in the blog, 'I said that I am Mulayam's only tailor and dustbin. I am a 14-year-old criminal for stitching their wrong policies in the fabric of morality, but I am no longer a dustbin to take credit for the mistakes of the party.

Amar Singh also wrote, 'Mulayam you are now the only tailor and dustbin of your good and bad politics. Thank you for your role Mubarak and my political nirvana.

Mulayam also targeted in Lok Sabha elections

Amar Singh made several strong comments on Mulayam till the Lok Sabha elections. Sometimes he was called a family plaintiff in place of Lohia plaintiff and sometimes SP's National General Secretary Prof. Targeting Ram Gopal Yadav, he was held responsible for his expulsion.


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