Also pay attention to following the soul with the body of children | Also pay attention to following the soul with the body of children


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4 minutes ago

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BK Shivani’s column

How much we all want to do for our family. In that too, especially parents give up their whole life for the happiness of children. They want that their children should always be happy and healthy and they will get success in whatever they do. But children should be healthy, be happy, be successful, for that we need to take care of them.

There are two things in a body – body and soul. The child is also a human being, soul and body. So we have to sustain both soul and body. But sometimes what we see, our focus is so much on it that what is not seen is not noticed. We do a lot to maintain the body. Gives them good houses, good food. Take care that children go to a good school. Parents teach their child more than their capacity. So that if he goes to work tomorrow, then be successful in it. This is pure intention. But all these observances are what they look like. Meaning we see the whole life of our child. They will do this, then they will study, they will get so many numbers, they will become this, then they will get success, then they will get name, honor, pride, wealth. This is the observance that looks like everything. To be healthy and successful, along with being perfect, it is very important that what is not seen, that is, the soul is also perfect. Parents teach the child how to speak. Remember when you taught children to speak. I had taught you every word after so much effort. The result of that today is that they can say everything to everyone. He has not only taught what to say, he has also been taught how to speak. Emotion, sentiment taught everything but one small thing we still have to teach. That is how to think. We teach to talk, teach to walk, teach to read and write, teach to work but do not teach to think right. Thinking is what teaches a child, what parents teach, what school teaches, college teaches how to think. Because we thought that thinking comes on its own. As the situation prevails, as time goes, as one behaves, the same thinking comes automatically. We teach them to think rightly and make them emotionally strong by teaching them to think right. No matter how much the parent wants, try hard to make everything perfect in his child’s life, there are no ups and downs, but we all know that nothing is always perfect.

Any ups and downs, success and failure, this is a life journey. If we make them stronger than the mind along with the body so that whatever happens in their life, they will always be emotionally strong. For that, the soul has to be followed, it will have to be filled with energy. This is the responsibility of every parent. To sustain the soul, that is, the way of thinking. The second is the right decision making method and the third best practice Because the soul is made up of three subjects – mind, intellect and samskara. The mind thinks, the intellect decides and then we bring it into action. The actions we repeat over and over again become our values. The soul has three roles.

She thinks, makes a decision and it creates her values. All three have to follow their parents. Cradle means making the soul so powerful that every thought of the soul is right. It is not necessary that the situation is right. People should be right with him, not necessarily. How anyone can treat him. Anything in life can happen suddenly.

But in every situation the child should think right, always check his actions and take right decision. By taking the right decision, when he acts, his best values ​​will be formed. This is what every parent wants. Their child should be happy, be calm, be wise, be pure, become powerful. These are all real rites of the soul. Everyone maintains the body, but now we have to concentrate on following the soul. Only then will the life of children become happy.


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