Already pregnant UK woman gets pregnant again, gives birth to twins – pregnant woman again pregnant, giving birth to twins


Rebecca Roberts and her spouse Reece Weaver struggled with the problem of not having a baby for more than a year, and then one day at home the pregnancy test made them happy, but by the time they got the ultrasound done, they had their children on the sonogram screen Did not see him, did not listen to his heartbeat, he was not satisfied.

A report published in The Washington Post According to the doctor, the doctor wrote on her ultrasound report, ‘Singleton’ (a child), then Rebecca, 39, who lives in Wiltshire, England, said, “I remember, I was very happy after the first scan … “

But five weeks later, he was shocked when the sonographer noticed something unique while doing ultrasound with a 12-week pregnancy. It appeared as if two children had suddenly arrived in Rebecca’s womb, one of which seemed much less developed. There was pin-drop silence in the room.

Rebecca told, “I thought something was wrong … The sonographer looked at me and said, ‘Do you know, you are going to have twins …?'”

But Rebecca was told that these were not normal twins. Her pregnancy was an extremely rare condition, known as superfetation, in which a pregnant woman becomes pregnant again.

Obstetrician David Walker of Rebecca Roberts said, “Rebecca’s pregnancy is one of the very few superfetation cases recorded in medical history…”

Superfetation is such a rare condition that Dr. David Walker had to struggle a lot to make it sure. In his 25-year career as an obstetrician, Dr. Walker had not seen any such case before. Dr. Walker said, “This does not happen … I have to scan several times, so that I can confidently say about superfetation …”

He said, “We were worried, because the second of the twins was very young … By scanning regularly and keeping an eye on the rate of increase, we were able to know that he was exactly three weeks younger … and then Confirmed that this is a case of superfetation … “

There is no information on the actual number of cases of superfetation, but according to a report published in the European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology in 2008, less than 10 such cases have occurred so far.

Rebecca Roberts and Reece Weaver also tried to get help from Google when they came to know about this situation, but all was in vain, because they could not get any specific information about such a rare situation there.

Well, despite regular care by the doctors, the umbilical cord was not working properly after just 33 weeks of pregnancy, so the doctors on September 17 underwent surgery (Caesarean section). Got born At birth, Noa weighed four pounds 10 ounces, while Rosali, born two minutes later, weighed only two pounds seven ounces.

Very happy with the birth of both children, Rebecca had to keep the children in the Neonatal (Neonatal) Intensive Care Unit. Noa remained in the hospital for three weeks, but Rosalee was kept in the hospital for 95 days, and then both children reached home. Now both the children have been around six months.


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