Along with the syllabus, study from the workbook for the previous class’s studies, efforts to get the studies missed in Corona, tests will be held in the school again in October | Workbook designed for students of classes 1 to 8; Promoted children will study last 2 classes

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  • Along With The Syllabus, Study From The Workbook For The Previous Class’s Studies, Efforts To Get The Studies Missed In Corona, Tests Will Be Held In The School Again In October

Bikaner2 hours ago

Due to Corona, there has been a lot of loss in the education of children in the last 2 years. To cover this gap in studies, Rajasthan Education Department has started preparations. Efforts are made to reduce the loss of studies of the students promoted to the next class. Bridge course will be started for the first time in government schools of Rajasthan. In this, the teaching of the previous class will be done.

Those topics will be covered in the bridge course, which is necessary for the children to study. The Education Department has also prepared a three-month work plan. The work book for the bridge course will be published. The work book is being made available to all government schools.

Students are required to do bridge course
It will be mandatory for students from class I to VIII to do bridge course. For this, work book for English, Hindi and Mathematics has been prepared for classes 3 to 8. A Grade Work Book has been prepared for classes I and II. The work book contains material related to the studies of the previous class. The work book will be used for the current class as well as for the last 2 classes. Every week classes have been fixed for the study of work book along with regular class books.

more and more students come to school
The Director of Secondary Education has made it clear that following the Corona guidelines, maximum students should be called to the school. Till October 1, students of classes 9 to 12 will be taught 22 days. Students of classes 6 to 8 will have to teach for 13 days till October 5. Apart from this, students of classes 1 to 5 will also have to do 11 days of studies by October 10.

work book distribution before 27
Instructions have been given to all the education officers of the state to deliver the work book to the school by September 27 at any cost. Departmental action will be taken against the officials who are negligent in this work. The distribution schedule of work book has also been released. The work book will be distributed within seven days. Work will start in the work book from October 1. For this, students will have to work three days at school and three days at home as homework.

What will be the benefit of work book
Last year, students from class I to VIII were passed without teaching. More than fifty percent of the students in the state did not even study online. Now the schools are starting, so the education department wants to get the previous class studied along with the current class. That is why the work book has been given place. So that the gap of education can be filled.

Hindi medium now, English too in a few days
At present, this workbook will be available to Hindi medium only, while work book is being prepared for the students studying in Mahatma Gandhi English medium schools of the state. The English medium work book will reach in the next few days.

Work book will reach every school
Director of Secondary Education Saurabh Swamy said that every effort is being made to bring the poor education of the children back on track. We are giving work books to about 48 lakh children, which will get the revision of the last two classes done. For example, third grade students will be given first and second class education.

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