Along with the panchayat elections in UP, Corona, which was spreading in villages on a large scale, caused a large number of deaths. – With the Panchayat elections in UP, Corona spreading in villages on a large scale, the number of deaths is also increasing


UP Panchayat Election Results: Panchayat election counting on May 2


UP Coronavirus Update: UP Panchayat Election as well as Coronavirus Villages is spreading in villages on a large scale. Due to lack of adequate treatment facilities, a large number of deaths are also happening. Millions of immigrant workers also came to participate in the elections. There is a possibility of corona spreading from them as well. In many cases, due to lack of Kovid test, it is not possible to know what caused the death. In view of this, the Yogi government has decided to run a campaign of Kovid Testing in villages across UP from Tuesday.

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The Prime Ministerial candidate invited 10 migrant laborers from Surat and Delhi in Guleria village of Barabanki district by paying rent to cast their votes. The people of the village say that all have become ill. Deepender Kumar Verma of this village says that ten people had come, all of them fell ill. Pradhan had called at his expense, he fell ill. Some district is in hospital and some is in medical college. Some people are undergoing treatment at home, due to which we are scared. Now in Gularia village, scared people are seen wearing masks. Whether people are sitting outside the house vacant, or doing business, most of them have installed masks.

Sanju Devi cooks with a mask, but she had never seen a mask before Corona. Sanju Devi was asked that you are cooking a mask, is there a fear of Corona? So he answered yes. Sanju Devi admitted that she did not wear masks before. But now, because of fear of Corona. The NewsBust team has gone to many rural areas of UP to take stock of the corona in the villages.

We also reached Rama Multispeciality Hospital in Azamgarh. The village starts 5 kilometers from this hospital. 70 percent of the patients in this 70-bed corona hospital belong to the villages of Azamgarh. Hospital doctor Amit Singh says that last time there was not much havoc in the village due to Corona wave. But this time in Corona, there are more people in the village, so this time there is a lot of need to take precaution in the village.

Corona patients have increased in the village this time compared to last year. Teacher Sushil Sharma, who lives in Shikarpur, 25 km from Bulandshahar, got sick during the polling duty of panchayat elections on 29 April. The wife was also infected. Both died the next day.

In Uttar Pradesh, 290 patients died of Corona virus infection on Sunday and 30,983 new patients were found. In the state, 290 infected people died in the last 24 hours and so far a total of 13,162 infected have lost their lives. After finding 30,983 new patients in the state, the total number of cases so far has increased to 13,13,361.


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