All four members Chosen For Supreme Court Committee had supported Farm Laws – All the four members elected in the Supreme Court Committee had supported the Agricultural Laws


Farmers in Delhi are demanding a repeal of agricultural laws (file photo)

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Kisan Aandolan: Former four-member committee appointed by Supreme Court to help resolve the current agitation of farmers Farmers law Has supported this thing in NewsBust’s investigation. The Supreme Court in its order has announced the names of the members of the committee, the Supreme Court has given this arrangement while hearing the petitions challenging the agricultural laws passed in the Parliament in the month of September. In its order, the SC said, ‘The committee will listen to the grievances of the farmers related to agricultural laws and will also know the views of the government and give its recommendations.’ According to the Supreme Court, this committee will be part of the judicial process. The committee will tell which provisions should be removed, then it will deal with the laws. We want that a knowledgeable person (committee) should meet the farmers and debate according to the point where the problem lies.

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RSS-linked farmers’ organization said, no representation of the entire country in the committee set up by the Supreme Court

Farmers group Has said that they will not accept the committee and will not talk to its members. He says that the committee and its members are in support of farmer laws. The Farmers Union of Punjab said, ‘We do not accept this committee. All the members of this committee are pro-government and the farmers are justifying the laws. Members of the committee include Bhupinder Singh Mann, National President of the Indian Farmers Union, Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi, South Asia Director of the International Food Policy Research Institute, Agricultural Economist Ashok Gulati and Anil Ghanwat, head of the Shetkari Organization (in his articles written in the media on farmer laws Was given in favor of)). Gulati has been Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council from 1999 to 2001. He has also expressed his opinion in favor of agricultural laws in his articles written in national newspapers. For example, in a conversation with the Times of India in December, he said that all three agricultural laws will benefit farmers.

Opponents or supporters of agricultural laws, all farmers should present their case before the committee: Supreme Court

Anil Ghanwat Shetkari is the president of the organization, this group celebrated the agricultural laws. Ghanwat told NewsBust on Tuesday, farmers should get the right to sell their produce in the market as well. Similarly, Mann was part of a group of farmers who met Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar in December and expressed support for the new laws. Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi, the fourth member of the committee has written many articles in support of the new laws.


Supreme Court bans implementation of all three agricultural laws till further order


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