Airtel is 130 million 2G customers can be transferred to Jio | 13 crore customers will now get limited calling and data, SMS facility also ended; can be port on jio

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After postpaid, now Bharti Airtel has also increased the minimum recharge prices of prepaid. The entry level plan of Rs 49 has been discontinued. The minimum recharge for prepaid users will now start from Rs 79. In most cases, the minimum plan is used by Bharti Airtel’s 2G customers. Airtel has more than 130 million 2G customers, the increase in minimum recharge prices will have a direct impact on these customers. Airtel’s entry level plan with increased prices is applicable from today.

Airtel claims that the company has increased the rates of the entry-level plan, but it is offering double the data and four times the calling time. In the recharge of Rs 79, users will get 200MB data and calling time of Rs 64. However, this Airtel plan is costlier than the Rs 75 prepaid entry plan from market leader Reliance Jio. This Rs 75 recharge plan of Jio is for the weaker sections of the economy like Airtel. It is used on geofoam.

Let’s see which company is offering what to the users.

Unlimited calling in Jio, 106 minutes in Airtel
Jio is giving unlimited calling to its users in the plan of Rs 75. In comparison, Airtel customers have to recharge Rs 79 for 106 minutes of calling. Airtel promises call time of Rs 64, which works out to 106 minutes at 60 paise per minute. Apart from this, Jio phone customers who are unable to recharge due to any reason during the pandemic are also offering 300 minutes of free calling per month.

3GB data in Jio, 200MB in Airtel
Jio also looks miles ahead of its competitor Airtel in the data that companies are offering in entry level plans. In the competition of Jio’s 3GB data, Airtel is offering only 200MB i.e. 0.2GB data to the users. This is 30 times less than the data offer of Reliance Jio. The data that Airtel is offering is mostly used on 2G whereas Jio is completely 4G network. Airtel has removed SMS service from the prepaid recharge plan of Rs 75. Whereas in Jio, users get 50 SMS for free.

Jio is giving one pay one free recharge
Reliance Jio’s entry-level prepaid plan of Rs 75 is available under the ‘Buy One Get One’ offer. On recharging one Rs 75 plan, another Rs 75 plan will be available for free. This means that Reliance Jio’s Rs 75 recharge offers unlimited calling, 6GB data and 100 SMS (50+50) with a validity of 56 days (28+28). On the other hand, Airtel users will get 28 days validity, 200MB data and 106 minutes calling minutes for Rs 79.

Jio is better in entry level plan
Jio’s entry level plan is getting 30 times more data than Airtel, unlimited calling against 106 minutes and 100 SMS against zero. Apart from this, 300 minutes of calling is free in Jio even if there is no recharge. Jio’s entry level 4G plan can attract Airtel 2G customers. Experts believe that if Airtel sticks to the new entry-level plan, it may lose out on customers and number portability may accelerate.

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