Air quality in Delhi in poor category, stubble burning can increase pollution

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AQI 263 was recorded in Delhi this morning. (File photo)

new Delhi:

Air quality in the national capital Delhi (Delhi AQI) was recorded in the ‘poor’ category on Saturday but it is likely to improve partially due to the wind speed. Government agencies gave this information. On Thursday, the level of air pollution in Delhi was the highest in the last eight months but due to the wind speed on Friday, the pollutant particles scattered and the air quality improved. At the same time, burning of stubble has contributed 18 percent to the deposition of PM 2.5 particles in Delhi.

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The air quality index 263 was recorded at 10 am in the city. It was recorded 239 on Friday and 315 on Thursday, which is worse than the figure recorded on 12 February this year. Air quality is ‘good’ between 0 and 50, ‘satisfactory’ between 51 and 100 and ‘moderate’ between 101 and 200 and ‘poor’ between 201 and 300, and ‘very poor’ between 301 and 400 and 401. Between 500 is considered as ‘serious’ category.

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A senior scientist at the India Meteorological Center (IMD) said that the maximum wind speed on Friday was 10 kilometers per hour. It is expected to be 12 kilometers per hour on Saturday. Due to the wind speed and cool weather, pollutant particles are not scattered. On Saturday, the wind speed is expected to be from north to northwest, due to which the effect of burning stubble can increase on the air quality in Delhi. The Air Quality Early Warning System of the Ministry of Earth Sciences has said that the wind speed is favorable for scattering of polluting particles on Saturday.

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According to Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (Safar), the contribution of stubble burning in Delhi’s PM2.5 particulate deposits was six per cent on Thursday and reached 18 per cent on Friday. Air quality in Delhi is a yearly problem to reach the critical category and for this the wind speed, fire in the neighboring states and local pollution sources are responsible. According to an analysis of ‘Council on Energy, Environment and Water’, a Delhi think tank, 18 to 39 percent of air pollution in Delhi is due to transportation. After this, road dust in the city contributes 18 to 38 percent of air pollution. At the same time, the industry also contributes 2 to 29 percent and thermal power plants (three to 11 percent) and eight percent from construction.

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