Air India released CCTV footage in response to allegations of misbehavior with shooter Manu Bhakar


Shooter said that AIR India personnel insulted him and snatched the phone

New Delhi:

Air India released a video denying the allegations of Indian Olympian and shooter Manu Bhakar. Bhakar had alleged that Air India officials were misbehaved at Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi while trying to take a flight from Delhi to Bhopal. CCTV footage is telling a different story from others.

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Manu Bhakar had alleged that he was not allowed to board an Air India flight on Friday until he had deposited Rs 10,000 for the weapons being carried with training. Bhakar said that when he tried to take a picture of an Air India officer, he snatched his phone and treated him like a criminal. Air India said that only legitimate documents were sought from the shooter, which is contrary to his allegations.

Did not provide valid documents
After examining the documents, security officials told them that their existing documents were not sufficient to get an exemption from the handling charge fixed for the care of weapons. Therefore, they will have to pay fixed charges for such weapons. Manu Bhaker was also told why his documents could not be considered valid.


Neither bribe sought or abused
The airline also says that the Air India personnel who are accusing Manoj Gupta of harassing Bhakar did not even speak directly to them. CCTV footage also confirms this, so there is no question of allegations of misconduct. CCTV footage does not prove that a bribe was sought and an attempt was made to snatch his phone. 19-year-old shooter Manu Bhakar was traveling with his mother.

Photo of Air India official was shared
Sharing the photo of Air India officer, he tweeted, Manoj Gupta (Air India officer) is treating them like criminals. There is a need to provide basic training to such people. It is expected that the Ministry of Aviation will pay attention. In a tweet, Union Minister Kiran Rijiju said that you are the pride of the country.


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