AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi slams on Rajnath Singh over China dispute statement in Parliament


Special things

  • Owaisi's attack on defense minister Rajnath Singh's statement
  • Asked why not say that China has illegally captured our 1000 sq KM
  • Owaisi has also taunted the Indian media

new Delhi:

AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi has attacked India-China with the statement of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh (Rajnath Singh) in Parliament. Owaisi said that the statement made by the Defense Minister in Parliament is a 'disgusting joke' in the name of national security. With this, he said that the statement of the Defense Minister is very weak and inadequate. On social media, Owaisi wrote that he was not allowed to speak in Parliament on the statement of the Defense Minister. He wrote that if he was allowed, then why would the Defense Minister not say that China has illegally occupied our 1000 sq km area? Where we used to patrol earlier. Owaisi asked who was responsible for this illegal occupation?

Also read

Owaisi also attacked PM Narendra Modi and wrote, "You said in an all-party meeting that no Indian territory was occupied and there was no intrusion? Then how did we lose 20 brave soldiers in Galvan? What happened that night Why is the government not telling the truth about our captive soldiers? "

Owaisi said, "Why did you not tell Parliament that you have demanded from China to maintain status quo on LAC before April 2020? Or should the current situation be considered as status quo?"

The AIMIM chief said, "You are asking the military to talk while many rounds of talks have failed. Why is this process being pushed on the armed forces? Why is political instruction being given to the armed forces? Getting involved in diplomacy It is not their job, it is the work of the government. "

Owaisi has also targeted the media and asked why the Indian media relies only on leaks for information in matters related to China? Why are not the spokespersons of the government conducting daily press briefings on this sensitive matter? Owaisi also asked why India accepted Russian mediation on this bilateral issue? Owaisi said that this country wants to know what the government is doing on the China dispute? The Defense Minister said in Parliament on Tuesday that China has deployed a large number of army and weapons in the interior areas near the LAC and India is ready to face any kind of challenge.


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