Agra Hospital Gets Gets Clean Chit Committee Said 16 Deaths Not Related To Oxygen Mock Drill


The committee has given a clean chit to the hospital. (file photo)

special things

  • Hospital owner’s video went viral
  • The owner had mentioned the alleged mock drill
  • After investigation, the committee gave clean chit to the hospital


A few days back in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, a video of the owner of Shree Paras Hospital conducting a mock drill allegedly by stopping the oxygen supply of COVID-19 infected patients went viral. In this case, District Magistrate Prabhu N Singh had given instructions to seal the hospital and file a case against the hospital operator. It was said in the news that many people had died in this incident. However, the District Magistrate had rubbished the news of death due to lack of oxygen. Now the hospital has got a clean chit in this case and it has been said that 16 deaths were not related to the alleged oxygen mock drill.

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After the case of Shri Paras Hospital caught fire, the Uttar Pradesh government had ordered an inquiry. The committee said in its report after investigation that 16 deaths were not related to the alleged oxygen mock drill. The committee said that those people died because their condition was very critical and they were suffering from many diseases.

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The committee said that 14 out of 16 patients were suffering from other diseases. The condition of two other patients was critical. He was battling chest infection. The committee said in its report that all the patients were being treated under the Kovid protocol and after talking to the eyewitnesses, it was found that the oxygen supply of any patient was not stopped.

According to the committee’s report, the investigating officer found that on April 25, 149 oxygen cylinders, out of which 20 were in reserve, and on April 26, 121 cylinders out of which 15 were in reserve, were given. The committee cited what the hospital’s owner Arinjay Jain told them that the alleged oxygen stock was found sufficient for the patients admitted there.

Referring to the owner of the hospital, the committee said, ‘It is absolutely a lie that patients lost their lives. There was no mock drill related to shutting off the oxygen supply. No one’s oxygen supply was interrupted and there is no evidence of this. The rumor is misleading, otherwise there would have been 22 deaths on April 26 at 7 am.’

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Arinjay Jain told the committee that the hospital had oxygen but there was an issue regarding its supply in future. Oxygen assessment was a mock drill. We monitored hypoxia symptoms and oxygen saturation levels to assess how to act when oxygen supply is limited. We assessed every patient and found that the condition of 22 patients was critical.

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