After Tejasvi Surya Jinnah Barb BJP MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar talks of Surgical Strike in Hyderabad


Tejashwi Surya is the president of the Yuva Morcha unit of the BJP. (File photo)


As the elections in Telangana (Telangana) capital are going to be held in Hyderabad, the political rhetoric has also intensified. Recently, Tejashwi Surya (Tejasvi Surya), the national president of BJP’s Yuva Morcha unit, reached Hyderabad for campaigning and attacked AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi and called him the new incarnation of ‘Jinnah’. Surya said that every vote given to Owaisi is a vote against India and against the values ​​on which the country stands. At the same time, BJP state president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar has spoken of ‘surgical strike’ on intruders in Hyderabad’s Old City area.

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The captive Sanjay Kumar’s intruders here mean Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Rohingya, allegedly living in Old City area. Taking a dig at AIMIM and other opposition parties, he said, ‘You want to win this election with illegal votes of intruders. It is against the country. Once we win the election of the mayor of BJP, we will exclude everyone (intruders).

The captive Sanjay Kumar is known for his aggressive rhetoric. He is an MP from Karimnagar. Talking about the scope of the surgical strike, he said that his party will also strike those people who looted Telangana in different areas. Here he meant contractor, real state, land mafias and drug mafias.


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