After setting new milestones with 128 pages edition in Indore, 72-page in Bhopal, 60page in Hoshangabad and 54 pages in Bilaspur, the NewsBust India Group's fight against the impact of the Corona continues with Divya NewsBust India's 80-page edition in Ahmedabad on Sunday 20 september | Divya NewsBust India launches 80-page edition in Ahmedabad, a new milestone added to NewsBust India Group's mega edition

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  • After Setting New Milestones With 128 Pages Edition In Indore, 72 page In Bhopal, 60page In Hoshangabad And 54 Pages In Bilaspur, The NewsBust India Group’s Fight Against The Impact Of The Corona Continues With Divya NewsBust India’s 80 page Edition In Ahmedabad On Sunday 20 September

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Mega edition of Dainik NewsBust India Group has become a trend setter in the country. After 128 pages in Indore, 72 in Bhopal, 60 in Hoshangabad and 54 pages in Bilaspur, a new milestone has now been established in Gujarat. Divya NewsBust India Ahmedabad has carried forward the NewsBust India group's spirit of reducing the impact of the Corona crisis by taking out an 80-page mega edition.

In the current times, newspapers are the most reliable medium for the needs of both readers and advertisers. Divya NewsBust India's 80-page mega additions in Ahmedabad have seen this participation in encouraging form. It is also clear from this that the progress of Gujarat has regained momentum. This special edition is also creating the necessary positive thinking to fight the environment caused by the current epidemic.

Gujarat State Editorial Head Devendra Bhatnagar Says, "It really is a special milestone for the group, as discerning readers of Gujarat only hope for the best and we have managed to deliver on our promise of editorial superiority."

Speaking on this, President Harish Bhatia said, "This 80-page mega edition in Ahmedabad is furthering the success of Indore, Bhopal, Hoshangabad and Bilaspur. It also clearly makes sense that Dainik NewsBust India is able to capture advertising spend in all markets with its area of ​​influence." It is also a seal on the trend setting approach of Ernest Young (EY), which states that Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities are spearheading the country's economy back on track. "

Head of Gujarat Sanjeev Chauhan Explains that, “Divya NewsBust India is very enthusiastic for advertisers for Ahmedabad's special mega edition and their response is very encouraging. Advertisers from categories such as real estate, jewelry, automobile, FMCG, electronics and social sector have come together for this issue. "


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