after remdesivir now oxygen runs out in nashik hospitals as covid-19 cases surge


Oxygen shortage in many states due to increasing cases of corona. (Symbolic picture)


The situation is worse with coronavirus in Nashik district of Maharashtra. Oxygen cylinders are ending in the hospital here. The situation is such that oxygen is not available for the patients on the ventilator and there is only oxygen left for the next few hours. There is a demand from the hospital administration to shift to another place by calling the relatives of the patients admitted in the private hospital, but oxygen is not being found anywhere.

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At Suvichar Hospital in Nashik, 6 patients are on ventilators for which only the oxygen stock is available till this evening, family members do not know what should be done. Hospital relatives are asking to take the patient elsewhere. Doctors say that they are arranging oxygen but it is not available anywhere.

When tried to talk to a patient attendant, he told that his mother has been admitted for the last 17 days and is currently on ventilator. Doctors have told them that there is only oxygen left for this patient till this evening. But she is unable to admit her mother anywhere else.

Explain that the stock of drug REMDESIVIR used in the treatment of corona in Nashik is also known to be out of stock. On Thursday, people were trying to buy this medicine by putting a line on CBS Road here from 4 am, however, in the medical shop where they were standing, today it has been said that the medicine is over here. People came from 40 to 50 kilometers away to get medicine here because this medicine is not being found anywhere.

On the other hand, shortage of Kovid vaccine is also being said in Maharashtra. On Wednesday, the state health minister said that the vaccine stock was left in the state for just three days.


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